Published 2019-09-19

Schibsted launches Svosj in Norway – to make online shopping more seamless

Schibsted launches subscription service Svosj, to solve e-commerce’s biggest challenge, namely expensive, slow and unpredictable shipping. In partnership with some of the largest and most popular online stores, Svosj will change the way we shop online.

Schibsted's Distribution Director Cathrine Laksfoss and CEO Kristin Skogen Lund.

“We’re shopping online like never before, but the whole user journey from the shopping cart to holding the goods in your hands is lagging with too much friction. We want to change that,” says Cathrine Laksfoss, director of distribution at Schibsted.

For a subscription price of NOK 29 a month, Svosj offers customers free shipping on e-commerce from partners in fashion, shoes, electronics, sports equipment, children’s clothing, cosmetics and interiors.

Power, Junkyard, Get Inspired, Villoid, Ting, Lyko, Ferner Jacobsen, Barbershop and Bodyshop are just a few examples of online stores available on the Svosj platform from day one. And the list is growing fast. So far, Svosj has signed agreements with 30 stores where, Footway, Vita and are examples of some stores that will be ready shortly.

Shipping is the biggest challenge for online shoppers

“We know that shipping today is a moment of uncertainty for people, and often a surprise that only comes up when they pay. There are many different terms for shipping costs in the market, and a lot of uncertainty about the time of delivery, place of delivery, customs and fees. It’s not very sustainable,” says Laksfoss.

She’s very happy to finally be able to enter the market with this service, in a market where e-commerce just continues to grow. In 2020, 80 million packages will be traded online in Norway alone. We expect this figure to double over a five-year period.

– If we look at countries like the US, we are still only at the starting point of the potential of e-commerce. In line with the growth, customers expect – understandably – increasingly faster and cheaper delivery – and that the parcels are delivered exactly where they want,” says Cathrine Laksfoss.

An entrepreneurial company with a solid owner

On the one hand, Svosj is a founding company, with a team that has built the platform and service from scratch. On the other hand, the company has muscle and a solid supporter in Schibsted. Schibsted CEO Kristin Skogen Lund believes the group already has a strong position to meet this market, given that they, together with Amedia and Polaris, already own Norway’s most efficient e-commerce distribution network, Helthjem.

“Svosj is an excellent example of how Schibsted is constantly renewing itself in addition to its existing business. The service is built on top of our distribution network, and is one of the most exciting initiatives we are currently taking. The timing for such a solution is perfect,” says Kristin Skogen Lund.

Launching a beta version, but without “beta price”

The launch of Svosj is at an early stage, but the ambitions are great.

“We have great ambitions and are giving full throttle, while also taking into account that Svosj is in continuous development. We respect the fact that there is extensive work behind and in front of us, with a view to developing the solution, adding new benefits – and optimizing the user experience. Our mindset is that Svosj can always be better,” says Cathrine Laksfoss.

The service will cost NOK 29 a month, a price that Svosj plans to keep low. “It should be profitable for the customer to use Svosj, both moneywise and time saved, she says.

No fear of competition

Svosj is the first service of its kind in Norway, but rumours say that Amazon Prime is about to establish itself in the Nordic region, and the post-service is testing the interest for a subscription service. Laksfoss welcomes the competition.

“We do not know if and when Amazon will come, but our local proximity, security and knowledge of Nordic e-commerce is an advantage that is difficult to compete with. Norway is not like other countries; there are many places where no one would think anyone could live, but we even deliver here,” she says.

Svosj strengthens our competitiveness

“We are part of Svosj because both Svosj and Boozt are chasing an ever better and more seamless shopping experience for consumers. Boozt is a forward-thinking and innovative brand, so linking us to Svosj is strategically right for us. Boozt is growing strongly, and we expect this collaboration model to further increase our competitiveness in the Norwegian market. In a macro perspective, it is also positive that Svosj contributes to promoting Nordic e-commerce, in competition with global players,” says CCO in Boozt, Peter G. Jørgensen.

He is supported by Power Marketing Manager Elizabeth Gill. “We believe that Svosj can help to strengthen the competitiveness of Power, and to other online stores in Norway. We are happy to be a partner and have great faith that the collaboration will add great value to the customers – and thus to us”, she says.

About Svosj

Svosj is a subscription service that gives customers free shipping on all * e-commerce from stores the company has partnered with. Svosj ensures delivery of Norway’s most efficient delivery of e-commerce packages with Helt Hjem and ensures a seamless and predictable user experience all the way from the shopping cart to your home. Svosj collaborates only with the best and most serious Norwegian online stores and brands in fashion, shoes, electronics, sports equipment, children’s clothing, cosmetics and interiors – typical items people need in everyday life. A Svosj subscription costs NOK 29 / month and also includes exclusive membership offers. Svosj is a separate company, 100% owned by Schibsted, that was launched in the market in September 2019.

* applies to packages under 35 kg