Published 2016-03-02

Schibsted main sponsor of Women in Tech conference

Schibsted Media Group is one of the main sponsors of the Women in Tech conference taking place on 8 March in Stockholm.

About 1 000 women already working in or aspiring to work in the tech industry will gather at theWomen in Tech (WIT) conference in Stockholm.

The event will offer tech women the opportunity to meet, mingle with and listen to some of the most inspiring people in the tech industry. To learn more about the WIT conference, check out the program at or on Facebook.

When the tickets were released a few weeks ago, the event was sold out in less than fifteen minutes! But no need to despair, the event will be streamed and available on from the moment the conference starts at 13:00 hrs on Tuesday 8 March.

The WIT project team at one of the project meetings at King’s offices in Stockholm, where the WIT after mingle will take place.

Schibsted strongly represented

Schibsted Media Group is one of the main sponsors of this year’s WIT event, together with MTGx, Google, Spotify, Bonnier, Telia Sonera and King.

The agenda covers topics such as “Disruptive Technologies and Exponential Thinking”, “Behind the Scenes: Technologies that Will Change the World”, “Spotlight on The Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow” and “Driving Transformation through Technology”. Schibsted Media Group’s own UX Manager Lidia Oshlyansky, Product Manager Jacqueline Dozier and Engineering Manager Atelach Alemu Argaw will be on the panel of the break-out session called “Building a modern, disruptive, innovative and data-driven business: Product and technology perspectives”.  

Schibsted Sverige will also host a morning session at Schibstedhuset (our offices in Stockholm) for those interested in learning more about what Schibsted Media Group is focusing on to keep up with competitors such as Facebook and Google, and also meet some of Schibsted’s great women in tech who work in the fields of engineering, product, UX, etc.

“Schibsted wants to attract more women to tech positions. In order to achieve this we are engaged in the tech community, creating arenas where women can get inspired and dive in to the technical subjects and challenges that the media industry is facing today,” says Anna Kvernplassen, Technical Recruiter in Schibsted Media Group.  

Diversity key to make innovation thrive

Schibsted Media Group truly believes that monoculture is bad for business while diversity drives more innovation, stronger solutions, and better results and ensures a wider range of experience. 

“I believe it’s important to have a diverse workforce, because it encourages us to take multiple perspectives into our product design and that helps ensure that innovation will thrive. If we only hire one type of person, everyone will see the world the same way. That’ll quickly result in boring or useless products and opportunities to innovate will likely also die,” says CTO Rian Liebenberg in Schibsted Media Group.