Published 2013-09-16

Schibsted Next: What’s next in media?

The first Schibsted Next event in Oslo shared insight, knowledge, good cases and innovation in Schibsted Media Group with our advertisers.

In our jobs across Schibsted Media Group we often attend events, for instance as sponsors, participants or speakers. This time we arranged our own day to show and tell the rest of the advertisers about what we stand for.

Look to Schibsted

When Schibsted Norge was established last year, the idea of ‘Schibsted Next’ was conceived, as a day to focus on what’s next in the media. A day to create a ‘Look to Schibsted’ feeling, while at the same time strengthen the impression of Schibsted Media Group as a united team.

Schibsted Norge Sales took charge of planning the event, with good support from Schibsted’s Norwegian media houses. On 5 September Schibsted Media Group invited 270 people to an inspiring and informative event.

“We wanted to present the latest trends within big data, digital development, live images,mobile, innovation and creativity,” says Ida Barth Anderssen, project manager for the conference.

Big brand advertisers and key people from media and advertising agencies in Norway were present at the event. In addition to a number of internal speakers, there were also presentations by external heavyweights such as Matias Palm Jensen from McCann WorldGroup and the known ‘Nextopia’ guru Michael Dalen. The comedian Bård Tufte Johansen was the master of ceremonies.

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“There is so much insight, learning, good cases and exciting development going on at all levels in Schibsted Media Group, and it’s time we share this with our advertisers,” says Ida Barth Anderssen.

Parallel break out- sessions, on the same stage

The breakout sessions had a new and exciting format. They were held simultaneously, on the same stage. This was fascilitated with the use of interpreter boxes on-stage and headsets that were distributed among the audience. This setup allowed the audience to listen to the presentation they found the most engaging or interesting at any moment.

“We’re really pleased with the feedback so far on the first Schibsted Next event. The audience found the content both interesting and inspiring. We’re also very pleased with the list of participants, which consisted of a nice selection of key people from the media industry. In addition, the artist Kim Cesarion was a great success -and he even received a gold record from Svein Eriksen on stage,” says Ida Barth Anderssen.

“Before the event we were really excited about what the day would bring and if the technique would work. But everything exceeded our expectations, mainly because of sound project management in advance,” says Svein Eriksen, CEO in Schibsted Norge Sales.

New Schibsted tradition?

This Schibsted Next event could be the beginning of a new tradition, which we will know more about after an internal evaluation has been carried out. But before that it’s Schibsted Sverige’s turn to repeat the success with a Swedish ‘Schibsted Next’ event on 2 October in Stockholm.

The comedian Bård Tufte Johansen was the master of ceremonies