Published 2021-09-17

Schibsted – one of Sweden’s most attractive employers amongst IT talents

In the top 10 list of most attractive employers amongst IT professionals.

Every year, Karriärföretagen lists the 100 employers in Sweden that offer the foremost career and development opportunities for young professionals. We are proud to be on this list, and we are even happier to see that we are in the top 10 list of most attractive employers amongst IT professionals.

The survey asked young professionals about their selection of future employers and had 3780 participants. Schibsted landed a rock-solid second place amongst IT talents in Sweden.

“Schibsted is a prime example of an employer that performs excellent employer branding work in their interaction with the younger target group. For instance, children can learn to code at an early age in Schibsted’s “Kids Coding Camp” – Absolutely ingenious! In their digital channels, Schibsted also manages to deliver high-quality content. With a stylish graphic profile combined with a warm corporate culture, you quickly become interested in Schibsted as an employer. Every employee’s story feels genuine, and you can see that Schibsted values wellbeing,” say Karriärföretaget.

“With the increased talent gap, being an attractive employer among tech talents is crucial in order for us to keep on developing and growing. Therefore we are happy to see that Schibsted is considered an attractive employer amongst this target group. We will continue our work in telling Schibsted`s story and raise awareness of Schibsted as a company and employer,” says Lena Berlin Stålhammar, Head of Employer Branding.

“What I love about Schibsted is that I can contribute to a better society together with very talented colleagues. Being part of a culture with a prevalent growth mindset and entrepreneurial spirit is extremely rewarding and inspires me to do better every day. I’m particularly proud of representing the technology organization in News Media that is in the forefront in how we apply tech to develop amazing news and media products,” says Markus Rudberg, Chief Technology Officer, (CTO) News Media.

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