Published 2021-12-16

Schibsted presents Future Report 2022

It’s that time of the year. Our annual outlook on key trends within tech, people and business, written by our own employees, is finally here.

“Today, after 180 years of entrepreneurship, innovation and investments, Schibsted has grown into a family of strong brands ranging from media houses to online marketplaces, digital growth businesses, and startup investors. We still carry with us both the values of our media heritage and that desire to branch out, go for growth, rethink and reinvent ourselves,” says Schibsted CEO, Kristin Skogen Lund.

In Schibsted Future Report 2022, Schibsted reveals predictions and key trends related to tech, business and people. It’s written by employees who share ideas and insights regarding topics we believe will have an impact on our world in the coming years. This year, the report covers themes spanning from the metaverse to diversity, from venture capital tigers to the war for talent.

“It is also our media heritage that inspires the Schibsted Future Report. This annual outlook on trends within tech, people and business is written by our own people and we truly believe that sharing ideas and being transparent is a foundation for democracy,” adds Skogen Lund.

Schibsted Future Report Trends 2022

Protocols, tigers and unicorns – Insight on the latest investments trends, written by Dan Ouchterlony EVP Financial Services & Ventures.
Stuck in the world of big tech – We know they are big, but the fact that in autumn 2021, the combined value of Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon was more than the total GDP for Japan and Germany, is overwhelming. A story written by Andreas Cervenka, columnist at Aftonbladet.
6 battles news media must win – How Schibsted News Media is taking on the future, by Siv Juvik Tveitnes EVP News Media.
Waging the war for talent – Mette Krogsrud, EVP People & Corporate Affairs shares Schibsted’s ideas on how to find, attract and retain people.
I believe it can fly – Will electrified planes save the industry? By Joacim Lund, tech commentator, Aftenposten.
Enter the Metaverse – Camilla Buch, advisor Editorial Content, Schibsted Group Communications.
How to build a brand – Hanne Hollstedt, Head of Marketing, Schibsted Ventures is sensing a new interest in true brand value.

Watch our digital launch – Venture investments in the year of the tiger

The webinar will be streamed live on 16th December at 08.30 a.m, hosted by Aftenposten Junior Editor-in-Chief Mari Midtstigen. Dan Ouchterlony, Head of Financial Services and New Ventures, will talk about the year of the tiger and how the developments in the VC world affect investment businesses and entrepreneurs, and what that means for a player like Schibsted. We’ll also welcome Andrew Kvålseth, Chief Investment Officer, and Christian Horn Hanssen, Lead Investment Manager, on to the screen to discuss what Schibsted is looking for in their investments. Read more about the event here.

”This year’s report has some really interesting themes and the articles will hopefully be a starting point for many discussions. As always I am very proud of all the clever colleagues who have contributed and the fact that Schibsted shares these thoughts and ideas,” says Ann Axelsson, Editor-in-chief, Schibsted Future Report.

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