Published 2020-09-03

Schibsted ranks high on newly launched PwC climate index

According to a newly launched sustainability report from PwC, only four of the 100 largest companies in Norway, which includes Schibsted, can document reduced greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris agreement.

Britt Nilsen, Head of Sustainability at Schibsted.

“I am very proud that Schibsted has been given the highest score in PwC’s newly launched climate index. Schibsted believes in acting both responsibly and transparently. This is the foundation for becoming a sustainable company, and we truly appreciate the acknowledgement,” says Britt Nilsen, Head of Sustainability at Schibsted.

Today PwC Norway launched the fifth edition of their Sustainability 100 report. The report analyzes how Norway’s 100 largest companies work with sustainability. This year a climate index has been added to the report, which specifically measures how companies work with and report on, climate. The climate index reports which of Norway’s largest companies can document emission reductions, and is based on information from the companies’ annual report. The index shows that only KLP, Schibsted, Orkla and Storebrand can document reduced emissions in line with the Paris Agreement. The four companies in the climate index’s top category are characterized by the fact that they have had open reporting on their greenhouse gas emissions.

“Schibsted as a group does not produce large emissions overall, and we are working tediously to reduce the negative impact we have. That said, our ambition is even higher. Through our businesses, we need to ensure a positive impact on society and the environment as a whole. This includes enabling circular and sustainable consumption, empowering people to make informed choices through our services, and enlightening people through our independent and high-quality journalism,” adds Nilsen.

Clear commitment to sustainability

According to the report, 73 percent of the largest companies in Norway have prioritized specific sustainability goals. This is an increase of 40 percent from last year. Three out of ten companies have integrated sustainability themes into their strategy. This is a sharp increase from last year when only 12 percent could claim the same. Climate emissions, energy consumption, as well as climate risk and opportunities, are the areas that most companies have included at a strategic level.

“Schibsted has integrated sustainability into our strategy as a key pillar. We have set long-term targets and short-term goals, and are working persistently to achieve these successfully,” concludes Nilsen.

Read the full press release and report from PwC here (in Norwegian).