Published 2015-11-02

Schibsted serves breakfast to its readers

This fall has run a successful sampling experience together with Aftenposten, and at the same time received massive coverage in Norwegian media. is an online delivery service that delivers high quality breakfast, literature and newspapers at your door, using Schibsted’s unique newspaper distribution network in Norway for delivery. As long as you place your order before 9 pm, you will receive the products the next morning, without any subscription attached.

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The gift campaign

Earlier this fall, a new and innovative marketing campaign doubled ‘s monthly volume in just one day:

Want to help a poor party animal in need of a ‘hangover kit’ delivered on his or her doorstep together with the morning news? Or what about an ‘energy kit’ for the friend who’s always busy and stressed out? This is exactly what Aftenposten and accommodated for when they did a sampling experiment together.

The gift campaign conducted together with Aftenposten gave people the opportunity to give away a gift kit to be delivered at a friend’s door together with a three week trial subscription of Aftenposten – for free. The different kits typically consisted of a sandwich, juice or coffee, and a little special something that your friend might appreciate even more, such as a bag of crisps and a coke for the morning after. 

“The campaign proved a new and successful business model for, generating more traffic in one day than we have experienced in two months,” says Anette Alnes, Head of Morgenlevering.

The online delivery service and its logistics network, together with Schibsted’s powerful distribution network give room for other opportunities beyond just breakfast delivery. As the distribution network already exists, there are few limits on the products and services that can be delivered. 

Media buzz

Coincidentally, Morgenlevering, originally developed by Distribution Innovation, has received massive media coverage in Norway this fall.  Both national TV and radio channels as well as print and online media have run stories on how Schibsted has entered the food delivery market with Morgenlevering and the Helthjem distribution network.  

Currently, delivers in the Oslo and Akershus area, but is now discussing to expand their geographical reach by using local distribution networks across Norway.