Published 2016-04-25

Schibsted Spain launches innovation blog

The new online platform features experts from Schibsted Spain providing updates on the latest digital trends. 

Why do some companies have happier employees than others? Is traditional advertising dying? What are the keys behind business success in digital companies? What are the 4 types of consumers that contribute to improve or damage the planet? What are the risks of not taking care of your online reputation?

To answer these questions and explore innovation, Schibsted Spain has launched the Innovation Blog, a new initiative to provide updates on the latest digital trends.

Written by Schibsted Spain experts, the blog features articles on a wide range of areas of expertise, including marketing and sales, technology, advertising, business intelligence, analytics, Human Resources, leadership, social responsibility, user experience and business culture, among others.

The new blog aims at:

  • Increasing Schibsted Spain’s brand awareness
  • Improving the company’s online reputation
  • Promoting employee engagement
  • Becoming an employer branding platform to attract new talent

The second-hand effect 

Among the blog’s featured articles is a post about the latest vibbo report on the second-hand effect and how buying second-hand products contributes to reducing our environmental footprint. The post Cómo echarle una segunda mano al planeta, by popular Spanish illustrator Moderna de Pueblo, features 4 types of people who, based on their consumption habits, contribute to improving or worsening the planet’s footprint.

More information (in Spanish): Download the full report ‘The second-hand market and its impact in the environment’ or read more information about the project

New corporate CSR section

As part of our social commitment, Schibsted Spain has also launched a new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) section featuring four core areas:

  • Environment
  • Social impact
  • Employment
  • People, culture and values

More information (in Spanish): New Schibsted Spain’s CSR section