Published 2015-09-30

Schibsted Sverige launches initiative to save refugees’ lives

Schibsted Sverige and its employees join forces with the Swedish Sea Rescue Society to send two lifesaving boats to the Mediterranean. 

Schibsted Sverige and its employees are joining forces in a rescue initiative for the ongoing European refugee crisis. As a result the Swedish Sea Rescue Society will be able to send two boats to the Mediterranean to save lives.

“We can’t stand idly by when we know that our boats and crews can make a difference,” says Rolf Westerström, CEO of the Swedish Sea Rescue Society. “Sea rescue – helping out in marine emergencies – has no borders.”

The campaign started internally at Schibsted Sverige on Tuesday, with employees voluntarily donating one percent of their base monthly salary to the Society’s rescue efforts in the Mediterranean. The Schibsted Sverige Group is financing the start of the rescue campaign. Funds will be used to send two rescue boats and crews to Greek coastal waters to save the lives of people fleeing across the Mediterranean.

“This is the start of a rescue action that unfortunately looks like it will be needed on a long-term basis,” says Raoul Grünthal, CEO for the Schibsted Sverige Group. “Schibsted Sverige, which includes large companies such as Blocket, Svenska Dagbladet and Aftonbladet, reaches two-thirds of the Swedish population. We are gathering the forces in all of our channels to make it easy for our readers and digital users to contribute to rescue efforts.”

The fundraising campaign is being conducted by Schibsted Sverige on behalf of the Swedish Sea Rescue Society (Sjöräddningssällskapet), under the name “Gula Båtarna” (Yellow Boats). It will be visible in a variety of ways throughout Schibsted’s media channels. A common Group website has also been launched: www.gulabå

The Swedish Sea Rescue Society will shortly send two Victoria-class rescue boats to Greece, where operations will be coordinated with the Hellenic Rescue Team, a sister organization.

The Swedish Sea Rescue Society is a non-profit organization with the sole mission of saving lives at sea. Over 2,000 volunteers participate in about 70% of marine rescues every year. Operations are funded by donations, membership dues and voluntary contributions.

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