Published 2015-09-03

Schibsted Tech Polska- for passionate engineers

The story of nine employees is the core of the new company video from Schibsted Tech Polska.

Schibsted Tech Polska is a programming hub in Krakow and Gdansk. 150 employees work with 20 different partners, almost all of them Schibsted companies.

To attract the best Polish programmers a new company video has now been launched. It is the result of several months of planning and production, and a large number of employees have participated.

”We primarily look at ourselves as a company of great people. Therefore, it was natural that the company video presents the same story. We chose to let nine employees tell about their private passions,” says John Einar Sandvand,  Chief Communications Officer in Schibsted Tech Polska.

Not a typical company video

”Typically companies brag about how great they are as a company. We wanted to turn it around – and instead present how great our employees are. Therefore, you meet them as people of passion, both at work and in their personal life,” says John Einar Sandvand.

”It is the people who form the company – and not the other way around.  So we thought our employees should form the basis of a company video. There would not be any Schibsted Tech Polska without the best programmers working for us,” he explains.