Published 2015-02-06

Schibsted to the Next Level

Schibsted now invests heavily in a massive effort on technology in order to improve user experience and digital product development across our sites.

“This will benefit our users and bring Schibsted to a higher level,” says CEO Rolv Erik Ryssdal.

Users are changing behaviour at a higher pace than ever before. They consume media in new ways and across platforms, they expect online services to follow them seamlessly, they expect services to know them and anticipate their needs, they seek one-click solutions and immediate response, and they are more adept as digital consumers, expecting only the best.

Schibsted Media Group has been at the forefront of digitalization for many years and is very well positioned in this transformation:

“We are a truly customer-centric company. Our extensive online knowledge and experience, combined with better technology and our unique data will allow us to deliver products and services even stronger and better than today. The new game of logged-in, data analytics and sophisticated technology requires us to have global scale infrastructure and expertise – but it also requires our great local strength and proven consumer knowledge. By joining forces in the whole group we will take the next step – and win the hearts of our users,” says Ryssdal.

The group is now investing heavily in product and tech, recruiting world class expertise from Google and Twitter and the absolute best international tech communities.

“To meet the challenge, we are making a coordinated effort and forceful investment in technology, for example in building new global platforms for our media houses, online marketplaces and digital advertising. We are recruiting a lot of people and talent. This will increase our capability for swift innovation and make us more agile in adapting to the constantly changing needs of our users,” Ryssdal says.

Global scale, local strength

Schibsted has a sizeable global reach – currently engaging more than 200 million users worldwide with our products and services. In addition, our brands have strong national and local reach in our main markets such as Norway, Sweden, France, Spain and Italy.

“We have had a fantastic journey, reaching the position where we are today. Now, it’s time for us to take Schibsted Media Group and our products to the next level. Like everyone else, we need to change a lot to adapt to the future. We will make sure to keep the best of our culture – the drive, the heart and the innovative spirit – and combine it with world class technology. That’s how we will continue to be a company that brings our users the very best experiences and really contribute to fulfilling our mission of ‘Empowering people in their daily life’,” Ryssdal says.

To support the Next Level effort Schibsted now launches the animated movie ‘Schibsted. The Next Level’ on YouTube and in social media. The movie has been produced together with BerntzonBylund in Stockholm.