Published 2018-06-26

Schibsted´s Chief Platform Officer steps down

After four years with Schibsted, Rian Liebenberg is moving on to a new leadership challenge outside Schibsted.

“Rian is a real tech visionary who has dedicated tremendous energy to transforming Schibsted into a user-focused product and tech company. He is leaving us stronger and well-equipped to face the next wave of technological disruption. We are lucky to continue to draw on his expertise with our new Tech Advisory Board,” says Rolv Erik Ryssdal, CEO Schibsted Media Group.

Liebenberg has been a driving force behind Schibsted’s transformation into a product and technology-led company. He was a founding leader of the Schibsted Product & Technology (SPT) team, which was reorganized into the Media and Marketplaces business divisions as of last year.

Following Liebenberg´s departure, Marius Olsen, VP Platform and Technology Trends, will step up to lead the Group technology team. The objective is to increase understanding of disruptive technology trends across Schibsted, and evaluate the potential impact of new technologies on our mission and platform ambitions. Olsen will report to Schibsted Media Group CEO , Rolv Erik Ryssdal.

“I am incredibly proud of the people and high-quality teams we have in Schibsted,” says Liebenberg, “In the last few years I have seen Schibsted evolve from a disparate set of companies to a collaborative workforce tackling common challenges around data and advertising. We now have reusable and shareable components, code- and tech infrastructure. It’s remarkable what the team has achieved”, says Liebenberg.

New Tech Advisory Board to Launch

Since the establishment of the two divisions in the Fall,  he has been working to establish and chair a Technology and Platform Advisory Committee to increase access to technical knowledge and expertise at the Schibsted Board level. This Tech Advisory board will officially launch in September, and Liebenberg will serve as one of the founding members.


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