Published 2020-04-27

Strengthening our public policy efforts in Sweden

Schibsted’s public policy department is being enhanced with the addition of specialist Anna Sööder.

Anna Sööder joins Schibsted’s public policy department May 1st.

“The digital market will be subject to extensive regulation by the EU and Schibsted wants to contribute to the discussion on a functioning regulatory framework for digital services also in Sweden,” says Petra Wikström, Director of Public Policy.

“The record-breaking digital development challenges both business models and values. Schibsted works actively for fair competitive conditions in the digital market and to secure media diversity in Sweden. Our voice and knowledge are needed to show the direction of the political processes that affect the conditions for our industry,” says Petra Wikström, Director of Public Policy at Schibsted.

In February, the EU published its digital strategy with several proposals for regulating digital products and services. At the same time, our business areas are being challenged by lost advertising revenue as a result of the corona crisis.

“Sweden needs to decide how the rules of the digital market should be designed and how to support media companies that are well under pressure by declining advertising revenue. Schibsted wants to contribute to this debate and public policy specialist Anna Sööder will become a key person in driving our policy issues in Sweden,” says Petra Wikström.

Worked with media policy and copyright issues

Anna Sööder most recently comes from the Ministry of Culture’s media and democracy unit, where she has worked for over 6 years, including copyright issues and the public service investigation. She has also worked at a law firm with trademark issues.

“Schibsted is an inspiring company that has truly become a voice in the policy debate in Sweden and the EU in terms of fair competition, social networks responsibility and the value of data. The design of the media politics of the future and the issues that lie before us now affect not only individual companies but society at large,” says Anna Sööder.

With her experience from the Government Offices, Anna has a perfect background to work with Schibsted’s public policy strategy in Sweden. She will also highlight important EU issues with decision-makers in the Government Offices and Parliament.

“I look forward to welcoming Anna to our public policy team,” says Petra Wikström.

Anna will assume her new role on May 1, 2020.