Published 2014-05-21

SvD launches new fitness and health website

People in Sweden are exercising more than ever before. SvD is now launching a website dedicated to this growing trend.

Vasaloppet was booked out in only ten minutes, and the Stockholm Marathon sold out long ago. Today SvD is launching its new website, SVD Träning och hälsa, to provide a forum for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. It offers news and useful tips on exercise and exercise methods, equipment, and diet. The connection between exercise, health, lifestyle and holistic health is important, and this new site will provide an overall picture.

“A site like this, where everything is brought together in one place, is something that has been missing. We’re convinced it will fill a gap in the current fitness and health website offering. Many of our readers and advertisers have been asking for it, and now it’s here,” says project manager Ann Axelsson.

“The new site will cover everything from how to make good smoothies to highly relevant articles on new research,” says Petra Månström, the website’s editor.

Several experts will also write regular articles and reviews for SvD Träning och hälsa. The aim is to make relevant research accessible to a wider audience.