Published 2015-05-27

SvD successfully launching on Schibsted Media Platform

SvD has launched its new responsive site. “One of the world’s most modern news sites” is based on Schibsted’s new media platform (SMP) for all media houses.

SvD’s launch has gone smoothly, and the first visitors have shown a lot of interest. The new site will serve as the hub for SvD’s overall offering. It offers readers whole new ways of enjoying SvD’s quality journalism and provides advertisers with an enhanced environment.

SvD’s new site is based on the new Schibsted Media Platform (SMP). Stepping up to the next level, SvD is the first Schibsted newspaper to use this group-wide publishing tool.

The first traffic measurements show a very positive effect on page views, which means that readers like the new way to read a news site. This is also corroborated by the fact that more and more now log on to and the interest to pay for premium items have increased.

Even the ad values increases, which naturally is highly appreciated by SvD’s advertisers.

“The new site provides news – and insights. We can give readers the whole picture, the whole context, and thus increase understanding, for example, during a current news event,” says SvD’s CEO Gunilla Asker.

“So far, we’re very satisfied. The response from readers as well as advertisers has been positive. Many have already found the functions of which we are extra proud. We are now monitoring developments and hope to get a lot of feedback that we can use when we start rolling out adjustments and new functions during the summer,” says Gunilla Asker.

“The energy level in the newsroom is sky-high. The staff has been trained in the new publishing tool and is eager to start using the new digital method. The editorial team has moved from our old publishing system Escenic and now works solely on the Schibsted Media Platform,” says SvD editor-in-chief Fredric Karén, and adds:

This is the first step on the way to revitalizing The site will be further developed with several new functions and services. Feedback from readers and advertisers will be vital in the work that lies ahead.

Many have commented on the new SvD already. The response in social media has been overwhelmingly positive. The site also trended on Twitter.

Many associates in the industry are commending SvD’s new site, such as Unn Edberg, editor-in-chief and CEO of Finansliv and board chair of Sveriges Tidskrifter: ”Like the new @SvD Reader-friendly and good advertising spots. Like how you can follow specific topics or writers. Looks good!”

Niklas Svensson, reporter in Expressen, writes: “Svenska Dagbladet’s new site: Attractive, calm, pleasing.”

“Well done! Looks really good, writes Rickard Frank, creative director at Dagens Nyheter, and Andreas Aspegren, online manager at Aftonbladet tweeted: ”Congratulations @SvD on the new, great and smart site.” 


Interview with Product Manager Ian Vännman

Schibsted Media Platform has been developed by Schibsted Products and Technology (SPT). Here is our interview with Product Manager Ian Vännman.

What is Schibsted’s new media platform all about and how does it work?

Right now SMP is all about building delightful tools that empower the individual journalist throughout the whole publishing life cycle. We have identified four core parts of the publishing lifecycle and have created four product areas to support each part:

  • Discover: Discover news, trends and value in real time
  • Create: Create engaging stories for the consumer with simplicity
  • Curate: Curate content to reach the consumer in the right way at the right time and place
  • Engage: Engage audience to maximize reach, impact and learning

Who has participated in developing the media platform?

Headed by Schibsted Products and Technology, SMP is really a combined effort that includes engineers, interaction designers and product managers from our media houses, such as Aftonbladet, VG and soon Aftenposten, as well as our colleagues from Schibsted Tech Polska.

Is SvD the first company out to start using the new platform? When will this happen?

SvD is the first large newsroom to migrate to Schibsted Media Platform and they completed their newsroom and product migration yesterday. SMP is actually built on seeds from of the Swedish online news-only startup Omni, which is also using the platform today. 

SvD has now switched from their previous content management system. When will SMP be rolled in other media houses?

Parts of the platform are already being deployed in all of Schibsted’s major media houses: Discover in Aftonbladet, Create in SvD, Curate soon in Aftenposten and Engage in VG.

Aftonbladet and Aftenposten in Norway are also planning to start their respective newsroom migrations during the fall.

In what ways will the new media platform benefit Schibsted – and our users?

Our vision is that Schibsted Media Platform will enable our publishers to leap into a digital-only newsroom which with high levels of speed and precision allows them to innovate and deliver personalized experiences for the consumers.

Thanks to our innovative newsroom tools we expect SMP to act as a powerful change agent that allows our newsrooms to not only adapt to, but also excel in, the digital-only future we are heading into.

We see SMP as a prerequisite for Schibsted Media Group to be able to launch the magic next level user-experiences we know are needed for our media houses to remain relevant, leading and profitable in the foreseeable future.