Published 2013-03-21

Sverre Munck steps down, Frode Eilertsen new EVP Strategy and Digital Transformation

Sverre Munck has decided to step down in October 2013, when he turns 60 years. Frode Eilertsen assumes the position as EVP Strategy and Digital Transformation.

Frode Eilertsen has studied and worked in the US for 16 years. He has been part of McKinsey’s core global Leadership in Innovation practice, the Advanced Data & Analytics (MADA) initiative, as well as the Business Technology Office (BTO)’s Digital Enterprise initiative. He received his MBA from Harvard Business School in 2001. He has worked within the Private Equity industry, and also founded and managed Panraven, Inc, a software services company. Eilertsen has also done client work in digital media and marketing, including digital content strategy, internet platforms, content streaming, peer-to-peer technologies, multi-channel marketing, and global commercial scale-up for clients ranging from high tech startups and media companies to financial services and insurance companies.

“Sverre has been a driving force in transforming Schibsted Media Group from a Norwegian newspaper company to a true global media player. During his 20 years with Schibsted Sverre has been responsible for initiating projects and operations that constitute core activities in the Group. Therefore, it’s a pleasure to announce that he will be followed by Frode Eilertsen as responsible for the Group’s strategy development. Frode’s experience and enthusiasm will ensure that we stay on track as leaders in our core business areas, building world class digital media houses and becoming a global leader in online classifieds. To reflect the emphasis of Frode’s responsibilities, his title will be EVP Strategy and Digital Transformation. Our focus on data analytics will be further strengthened with the addition of Edoardo Jacucci to the strategy team, says Rolv Erik Ryssdal, CEO of Schibsted Media Group.

Frode’s title will be EVP Strategy and Digital Transformation. He will be part of the Group Management team, K1.

Edoardo Jacucci (39) will work as an expert on the use of advanced data analytics in Schibsted Media Group. Both Frode Eilertsen and Edoardo Jacucci will join Schibsted in April. Sverre Munck will retain responsibility for the Strategy Department until 1 September, when Frode Eilertsen assumes this responsibility.