Published 2014-12-09

Sweden: Simplified and improved sales organization

From 1 January all Schibsted company customers in Sweden will benefit from several improvements related to their advertising investments.

Schibsted Media Group is coordinating its Swedish sales organization to better address the needs and demands of the market. The changes will make it easier for customers and media agencies to buy advertising products from across the Schibsted group.

“This group-wide strategy will strengthen our position in the digital advertising market and enhance our reach,” says Raoul Grünthal, CEO of Schibsted Sverige.

Implementation of a joint advertising platform throughout Schibsted Sverige creates opportunities to develop advertising sales and to improve Schibsted’s offering to its customers. From 1 January all Schibsted company customers will benefit from several improvements related to their advertising investments.

“Our aim is to consolidate Schibsted’s position as the preferred choice of advertisers and strategic partners when it comes to digital marketing. For example, it will now be possible to buy one format for all of the group’s sites instead of having to buy different formats for different sites. The customer is offered better options for buying frequency-dependent campaigns, and we ensure better, faster product development,” says Anders Nylander, Director of Sales & Inventory in Schibsted Sverige.

The new system entails several organizational changes aimed at consolidating the group’s entire sales organization and at making it easier for customers to conduct transactions with individual companies as well as to buy advertising space across the group’s digital network.

One notable change is that Blocket, Hitta and Prisjakt will now be included in Schibsted Sales & Inventory’s sales organization along with Aftonbladet,, Minimedia, Webtraffic,, Omni,, Lajkat and Allt om Stockholm. Svenska Dagbladet will be included in the group’s common product offering but will retain its present organization.