Published 2016-05-04

The #DockerMazeReloaded challenge

Are you ready to code? “It’s year BD5. The Dockerbot is your only hope of survival in an unknown world. Will you be able to fix it in time?” 

No worries, it is still year 2016 and Schibsted Media Group is in good health – on planet earth. However, the #DockerMazeReloaded is a code and systems challenge made by a team of great engineers from Schibsted Media Group’s tech hubs in London and Barcelona. To capture the audience, the challenge has been given the form of a virtual reality game.

Sirens sound. A synthetic voice says: “Emergency wake up, power is almost depleted, welcome Doctor to year BD5, your bodily functions should be repaired shortly. I regret to inform you that the cryogenic capsule has malfunctioned.”

#DockerMazeReloaded is a renewed version of the coding challenge that Schibsted Media Group presented at the Dockercon EU conference in November last year. The challenge is based on the Docker open platform software . To solve it you need to prove your coding and systems skills on five different games, from image recognition, to fixing software, to decide if there is checkmate-in-one in a chess game.

“The #DockerMazeReloaded challenge is for anyone who knows how to code and have basic sysadmin skills in UNIX systems. We have tried to make a challenge that is enjoyable for most people, and we have provided as much guidance as possible in each game to ease the identification of what needs to be fixed,” says Marc Morata, Senior Dev Ops Engineer at Schibsted Media Group.

The intention is to create more games, some that are not so difficult but also others that are really difficult to solve, only for the most skilled techies. And everybody interested should be challenged to to complete them!

Playful work culture

“The #DockerMazeReloaded project was initiated for fun, at the same time as it improves the brand awareness, making Schibsted more visible to the tech community both in Barcelona and elsewhere. These games are very representative of our work culture, and therefore we are interested in attracting talent and capture the interest of great engineers who enjoy this kind of challenges,” says Natalia Pou, Infrastructure Assistant at Schibsted Products and Technology’s Barcelona hub.

So far this time almost 90 players have signed up, and 33 have scored, six of them with the max score.

You can learn more about the challenge or sign up here:

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