Published 2015-09-04

The finalists for the Schibsted Innovation Award 2015

The annual Innovation Award is Schibsted’s way to appreciate and share the excellence of innovation across the Group. Take a look at this year`s shortlist.

For the 5th time, Schibsted will honor the excellence of innovation across our group. This year we are looking for the projects that make us do things differently, that make us take the leading edge in our competitive markets.

The nomination jury consists of:

  • Øystein Hagen, Scandinavian Design Group
  • Ning Zhou, Schibsted Product & Technology
  • Jens Hauglum,
  • Kathrine Ekås, Schibsted ASA
  • Richard Reinsberg, Schibsted ASA

The final jury is Schibsted Media Group`s top management team (K1).

The finalists for the Innovation Award 2015 are:

Schibsted Product & Technology: Schibsted Media Platform

Schibsted Media Platform is enabling Schibsted’s publishers to leap into a digital only newsroom, where they can, with high speed and precision, innovate and deliver personalized experiences for its consumers.

Ian Vännman, Product Manager

Jofogas: D2D Delivery

The Door-to-Door delivery service revolutionizes the classified market by eliminating the distance between buyers and sellers.

Alexandra Oláh, Head of Marketing

FINN: Blink

Blink is a new matching product, where we are using behavioral data from past and present to create job recommendations which we then distribute to the candidates, using the Schibsted eco system in Norway.

Fredrik Schjold, Product Director FINN job

Schibsted Sverige (Schibsted Lifestyle Online): Shopable Content

Schibsted Lifestyle Online has created a concept for online shopable content within the lifestyle segment, where high-quality editorial content and e-commerce are seamlessly integrated

Anna Kult, CEO Schibsted Lifestyle Online


Snapsale is a radically simplified mobile marketplace for used goods. By taking advantage of state of the art machine learning, algorithms, picture recognition and social media APIs, the company innovates on both the sell-side and the buy-side of traditional classified marketplaces.

Geir Engdahl, CTO