Published 2015-03-04

The winners of Consumer Sales Awards 2015

The annual Schibsted Consumer Sales Awards event took place for the first time in 2012. Today almost 170 colleagues from our Norwegian and Swedish media houses have gathered for the fourth time, this time in Stockholm, to share best practice, network – and the awards!

“You are the front soldiers when we create world class media houses. A variety of great cases in five categories have been submitted from our media houses in Norway and Sweden, reflecting a ground-breaking year for the consumer sales departments in Schibsted´s media houses. We congratulate the nominees and winners with their outstanding efforts,” says Rolv Erik Ryssdal, CEO Schibsted Media Group.

The winners

Print Sales Performance: Aftenposten – Winning them back

The campaign is at the core of the challenges facing readership and consumer sales. It is a brilliant example of traditional circulation sales combined with digital channels. The campaign has been described as a marathon, with continuous adaptations and adjustments to optimize the result. This is solid sales work – congratulations!


Digital Sales Performance: VG, Digital customer relations department

Analysis and fact-based sales with good results. The department represents a lasting process of improvements that show how we want sales to be done in the future. The readers and users are at the core of everything the department for digital customer relationships does, and their insight is shared and used in all parts of the media house.


Performance of the Year: Aftonbladet’s Marketing and CRM Department

Aftonbladet shows an incredible ability to reorganize and adapt to the market, and is paving the way in the digital transformation. With mandate to be the catalyst for a new Aftonbladet in which data and customer insights are at the center, they impress with organizational measures as well as bold and innovative campaigns that both sell and strengthen Aftonbladet as a brand. In 2014, they had over 200,000 paying Plus customers.


Innovation of the Year: Distribution Innovation makes use of a unique distribution network and shows that it is possible to find new and unconventional revenue streams. It is a great example of a by-the-book innovation process that is both courageous and outside the box, with great potential and opportunity for local adaptation.


Individual Performance: Peter Lundkvist / Svenska Dagbladet

Peter has what we call ‘Passion for Sales’. He is a marathon salesman who throughout 13 years of TM sales at SvD has sold over 51,000 subscriptions at the value of more than 90 million Swedish kronor. An efficient and hungry sales man who delivers quality in each sale, he is also a stayer who never gives up!