Published 2014-10-16

The winners of Innovation Awards 2014

Aftenposten won the category “New Business Innovation”, while Leboncoin won the category “Core Business Innovation” at Schibsted’s Leadership Conference.

Schibsted Media Group is recognized as one of the most innovative media companies in the world. Constant innovation is key in order to deserve this position. In order to emphasize the importance of innovation in Schibsted, innovation awards in two categories were handed out for the fourth time on Wednesday 15 October at the K3 Leadership Conference in Barcelona, which had “driven by innovation” as its main theme.

 “It has been truly inspirational to see the cases among this year’s nominees, which address the challenges we are facing in the digital transformation. Many cases provide answers to the rapidly changing market conditions. We have seen unique concepts, we have seen some brave ideas – and we have also seen innovations that are scalable across the Group. All in all, this makes me feel confident that we are working with innovation in a dedicated manner in Schibsted Media Group, making it an integral part of our everyday culture – and of who we are,” says Rolv Erik Ryssdal, CEO Schibsted Media Group.


The category ‘Core Business Innovation’ addresses the everyday challenges in our work, and is aimed at innovations that will strengthen our companies’ core business.

The winner is: Leboncoin with Serenity

Renaud Bruyeron from Leboncoin

The jury’s statement:

Serenity represents a true innovation right at the core of our classified businesses. It improves the customer experience by making the review process much faster, with high quality, and avoiding fraud.  This is the first time in Schibsted Media Group that a robot is able to make decisions on its own, lifting the automated reviewing process to new levels.

Even though Serenity is a product, it also highlights how innovation always should be included in our business processes as an integral part of the entire value chain. Innovation in processes is important, because it secures our businesses for further growth.

In addition to providing clear customer value, this product also holds a potential for significant cost savings across the Group. The project is already proving good results, and other organizations in Schibsted have already started using the same technology.


The category ‘New Business Innovation’ is aimed at innovations that create new growth or add important values to our brands – or the reputation of our corporate brand.

The winner is: Aftenposten with Aftenposten+

“I would like to say thanks on behalf of everyone in Aftenposten. It has been a long journey, but we have managed to create a fantastic product!” Says Anette Mellbye, Head of Aftenposten Mobil.

Anette Mellbye from Aftenposten

The jury’s statement:

In line with all the bold initiatives Aftenposten has initiated during the past year in order to be at the frontline of digital transformation, Aftenposten+ represents an innovative and clever piece of work.

Aftenposten has managed to capture the needs of a leanback user experience, giving its brand a fresh and modern look. The product is clearly based on Aftenposten’s core brand values, at the same time as it differs from the other products in a unique way that leads to strong customer value. Aftenposten+ fulfills the intention to create easy access to digital content, and is well connected with the overall business strategy.

So far the results have been impressive; Aftenposten+ has both created growth and further developed Aftenposten’s brand values.

The other finalists for Schibsted Innovation Awards 2014:

Core Business Innovation

  • Aftenposten: Matrix
  • Blocket: Environmental Benefits

New Business Innovation

  • Blocket: Redesign Real Estate
  • Aftonbladet/Politism: