Published 2013-10-15

The winners of Schibsted Innovation Awards 2013

OMNI won the category “New Business Innovation”, while Bomnegocio won the category “Core Business Innovation” at the K3 Leadership Conference.

Schibsted Media Group is recognized as one of the most innovative media companies in the world. Constant innovation is key in order to deserve this position. In order to emphasize the importance of innovation in Schibsted, innovation awards in two categories were handed out for the third time at the K3 Leadership Conference in Oslo on Tuesday 15 October.

“I take great pride in presenting the winners of Innovation Awards 2013. The price comes from the heart of what we’re striving to achieve in Schibsted Media Group,” says Chairman Ole Jacob Sunde.

New Business Innovation: Omni, Sweden

OMNI’s concept:

News from all over gathered in one place. Omni dares to cannibalize the existing business and has developed a completely new working process, which will affect how we work with news in the future.

The Jury’s Statement:

The jury finds Omni a refreshing and unique editorial concept. Omni has identified the need of certain target groups, the so called news addicts. They want to find news from all over gathered in one place. And this is exactly what Omni will give them.

Omni is a whole new way of experiencing news. It is a bold project, cannibalizing the existing media brands. The jury will also stress the fact that Omni has developed a completely new working process, which will affect how we work with news in the future.

Omni is a project that will be fully launched this month, and thus it has no long track record. Even so the jury finds the new concept of Omni so innovative and bold – and such a game changer, that it wants to reward them with the victory of the new business innovation Award.

OMNI from Sweden won the category "New Business Innovation" in Schibsted Innovation Awards 2013.

Core Business Innovation: Bomnegocio, Brazil

Bomnegocio’s concept:

Optimization of marketing spending online by value-based online acquisitions. This will affect the cost level and hit rate of SCM sites to a very high degree and is a game changer in a very competetive market.

The Jury’s Statement:

The jury had a challenging task deciding upon the finalists and the winner of this category. There were a lot of great innovative projects nominated, which means that the winner should be very proud of winning this highly competitive category.

The jury finds the project from Bomnegocio very important for the future opportunities of Schibsted Classified Media (SCM). If they succeed in the long run, this can save and optimize the spending of millions and millions of dollars.

Bomnegocio has developed and implemented an optimization of marketing spending online, so called value-based online acquisitions. This means that they can make decisions about impressions and clicks to buy, incorporating the value of this traffic to bomnegó and, thus, enhance the basis for decisions and look for marketing ROI as well as the bottom-line.

The jury states that this will affect the cost level and hit rate of SCM’s classifieds sites to a very high degree, and is definitely a game changer in a very competitive market.


The other finalists

New Business Innovation:

Tactus, VG Mobil, Norway

VG Mobil`s in house mobile-advertising agency. Tactus creates innovative solutions on mobile platforms to their clients to increase the revenue of VG Mobil and to increase the creativity in the mobile ad market.

FINN Småjobber, Norway

“Small jobs”, a new vertical for private services C2C. The market place will help private people buy and sell services like cutting the lawn, babysitting, shoveling snow etc to and from each other locally.

Core Business Innovation:

VGTV, Norway

Live coverage and attracting young target groups with edgy programs. VGTV has taken a major position in the online TV market, and keeps innovating with live TV and entertainment for the younger segments.


FINN Mobil, Norway

Developed a completely new navigational model for with a new approach to proactively delivering personalized content, developed for both mobile web and native apps. This is a game changer for the future of mobile in Schibsted.


Innovation in Schibsted

Innovation has always been an important part of the DNA of Schibsted Media Group and its organizations and companies. With the challenges connected to the digital transformation and rapidly changing market conditions, innovation will be an even more important tool for growth in the future. This is the third year Schibsted Innovation Award is handed out, as part of the Schibsted K3 Leadership Conference, this time taking place in Oslo on 15 and 16 October.

This year Schibsted wants to honor excellent achievements and make innovation an even more visible part of what we do. Therefore, two Innovation awards are handed out this year, one for new business innovation and one for core business innovation.