Published 2014-01-31

The winners of Schibsted Sales Awards 2014

VG’s Trude Erlandsen is Schibsted’s “Sales Person of the Year”, while Carl Larsson from won the “Passion for Sales Prize”.

Erlandsen and colleagues from VG, Aftonbladet and Aftenposten received prizes in Schibsted Sales Awards’ five categories, in front of 700 jubilant participants in Stockholm on Friday 31 January. Erlandsen received the NOK 250,000 prize from CEO Rolv Erik Ryssdal.

The other awards were won by:

  • Sales Manager of the Year: Elin Merethe Håland, Aftenposten
  • Sales Organization of the Year: VG
  • Sales Team of the Year: Tempo Team – Aftonbladet
  • Performance of the Year: Aftonbladet TV

In addition, sales manager Carl Larsson from Leatsdeal in Sweden received this year’s special award, the “Passion for Sales Prize” from the hands of Gunnar Strömblad.

“We have a great sales force in Schibsted Media Group that has achieved impressive results in the last year. I am proud of the high level of professionalism and the eagerness to constantly improve. I congratulate all the winners and the nominees for the excellent work they have done for Schibsted in 2013. Thanks to all of you for your great sales efforts, and keep up the good work!” said Rolv Erik Ryssdal, CEO in Schibsted Media Group.

The jury’s motivation:

  • Sales team of the Year: Tempo Team – Aftonbladet

In spite of being a recently established team, Tempo Team has achieved fantastic results. A systematic focus on sales methodology, combined with exciting packaging and solid sales tools, has contributed to the team more than doubling its budget. Increasing its amount of customers from 19 to 200 in the course of 2013, Tempo Team is an excellent example of offensive sales culture and the possibilities that lie in digital sales and geo-local adjustments.

Prize: NOK 50,000

  • Performance of the Year: Aftonbladet TV

Aftonbladet TV has increased its sales by 70 percent in 2013. Its new product called “Mixedrolls” has contributed to a 20 percent increase in sales and has opened up for new possibilities and optimization of Web TV. Under the leadership of Peter Irinarchos’ a clear focus on competence building and sales across platforms has provided great results. This is definitely a success story that others can learn from.

Prize: 50,000

  • Sales Manager of the Year: Elin Merethe Håland / Aftenposten

In addition to fantastic sales results in a tough media market, Elin Merethe Håland has created a strong sales culture with highly motivated salespeople. By working systematically with each salesperson’s competence development, everybody in her team is now truly multi-medial, selling both for print and online. Elin has contributed to fantastic digital growth in 2013. Participating actively in the Schibsted Challenger Selling pilot, she has established a new way of thinking in her department. It takes a great woman to coordinate five media houses filled with strong opinions and high demands. Elin masters the task perfectly and is a cherished leader, both by her staff and other colleagues.

Prize: NOK 50,000

  • Sales Organization of the Year: VG

VG has worked very dedicated and systematically with Schibsted Way of Sales to become sales organization of the year in Schibsted Media Group. They have built a strong performance culture carrying out weekly meetings with updates and progress discussions for the entire organization. This has raised the team spirit and sales culture in VG, not only for the individual teams, but for organization as a whole. Hard work and structured competence building activities in combination with lots of fun have resulted in great collective achievements and incomparable enthusiasm throughout VG. Never before has the organization conducted so many customer activities as in 2013.

Prize: Honor and glory

  • Sales Person of the Year: Trude Erlandsen (VG)

Trude is a mature and reliable sales person with an exceptional hunger for success. She sparkles with great ideas that she loves to bring into life. She is a person who dares to think differently, challenging ‘conventional wisdom’. This has contributed to more targeted solutions that provide better results for all parties involved. Trude works hard to always ensure the best and most relevant solutions for her customers, and she never hesitates to walk that extra mile. In addition she delivered excellent results in terms of budget and meets all the criteria to be a true “Challenger”.

Prize: NOK 250,000

Special award in 2014:

  • Passion for Sales: Carl Larsson (

Carl lives for sales 24/7. He has proven a burning passion for his job and is a fantastic team player. He’s driven, ambitious and spreads good energy among his colleagues. His loves for sales rubs off on the whole team. Carl is a real fighter – working hard and delivering with passion! In his team he is the first to arrive at the office and the last one to leave. Carl takes great pride in finding solutions that both suit the customers and give results. Both as a sales manager and as a person Carl is a great role model that many of us can learn from. He motivates, coaches or interacts himself whenever needed.

Prize: NOK 50,000