Published 2019-03-08

Two Schibsted employees amongst the 50 top tech-women in Norway 2018

Laila Dahlen (Adevinta) and Susanne Klungtveit (Schibsted) both nominated

“Congratulations to our talented role models Laila and Susanne!  Very proud to have two employees from Schibsted represented here, and a great inspiration for other women to join the product & tech area. We work hard to recruit the best female tech talents, as well as ensuring that the ones we already have, stay with us,” says CEO Kristin Skogen Lund.

CEO Kristin Skogen Lund congratulates Laila Dahlen and Susanne Klungtveit.

For the third consecutive year, and on the International Women’s Day, the NHO association Abelia and the women’s network ODA, elected the 50 foremost tech women in Norwegian business. The purpose is to increase the proportion of women working with technology and management in the business sector. Prime Minister Erna Solberg was a speaker at the event.

Susanne Klungtveit is Product Manager in Aftenposten, Schibsted Products & Tech. She was nominated because, amongst other achievements, she is highly data-driven, analytically strong, curious and hard-working, and impresses with her deep understanding of both journalism and business.

“It is, of course, nice to be noticed, and at the same time, it almost feels unnecessary to emphasize women when working in a company like Schibsted where gender equality has come so far. Still, a lot has happened in the few years I have been here, so it is clear that more focus on this area does have an effect. In the future, I hope that Schibsted is not only more attractive to female developers, but also to those with minority backgrounds so that we actually represent the diverse population that we offer products to.”

Laila Dahlen, SVP Product and UX in Adevinta, Schibsted’s new company has once again been recognized as one of the top 50 Tech women in Norway. She has a demonstrated history of successful leadership in the tech area and is passionate about women in technology.

“It is still important to have our own events and prizes for women working with technology and product development. In a few years, I hope we can celebrate the best people in tech regardless of gender. Having said that, it is incredibly inspiring to meet so many skilled ladies on a day like this, who work with technology in its broadest sense. We have an important task to relate to everyone that working with technology doesn’t have to mean sitting in front of a PC coding all day. It is about finding solutions to problems in business and society using technology.”

About the event

In order to solve today’s major challenges and strengthen Norwegian business, we need problem solvers of both genders. The proportion of women working with management and technology is drastically lower in the private sector than in the public sector. Therefore, Abelia and ODA networks want to highlight talents and inspire more people to choose technology and leadership. A jury has chosen the 50 winners based on nominations from the population.