Published 2014-04-10

When Iggy Pop sold his guitar on Leboncoin

Leboncoin’s campaign “The Amazing Meetings” has won the online advertising category in the Grand Prix Digital Marketing Strategies 2014 in France.

Last year France’s leading classifieds site asked some French and international celebrities such as Iggy Pop, Lily Allen and Margot Laffite to play the role of buyers and sellers of Leboncoin’s classifieds site.

Click to see all the “Amazing Meetings” videos.

“One of the main ideas behind the campaign has been to catch our users behavior when they are surprised realizing that they will be able to experience a unique moment with a celebrity,” explains Communications Manager Pauline Rousseau in Leboncoin.

The video campaign has been very successful. The most popular video has been the one that features the American rock icon Iggy Pop. In fact, the “user” in this video has now become a star on French TV.

Also, a famous French TV show parodied Leboncoin’s advertising. Click to see the video.

On the other hand, the renowned French journalist Guy Carlier analyzed the simplicity of the meetings between the celebrity and the user, explaining why he was so touched by the user’s sincerity.

And you, which celebrity would you like to meet?