Published 2015-10-30

Willhaben wins EFFIE award

Last night won bronze EFFIE award in the category services for concept and creation of the ad format “will Flugtage” campaign with Lufthansa. has acted as medium and creative agency and developed a totally new format for Lufthansa’s campaign. It is tailored for the marketing needs of the aviation industry; which main challenges is the frequency and pace of rapidly changing offers that are adapted on a daily basis according to market developments.

The EFFIE winning campaign really shows off:

The planned target for Lufthansa tickets sold was exceeded by 510 percent, at the same time as the sales costs for each sold ticket decreased. The financial impact for Lufthansa far exceeded the investment. Clearly an outstanding example of spot-on advertising.

“The fact that we were directly working with both as a medium as well as a creative agency was a major success factor for this campaign. understands their users’ behaviour in great detail while we have the knowledge about our customer’s preferences.’ Flugtage demonstrates the success of both partners combining their expertise. By constantly pivoting and optimizing the placements we managed to achieve outstanding success which far exceeded the expected result,” says Monika Rausch, Marketing Manager Austria & Slovakia in Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

Jochen Schneeberger, Sales Director at says:

“This campaign has benefitted from’s reach using unconventional branding effects for the renowned Lufthansa brand. This model can be applied for other travel clients also. The users are being targeted at an individual level using multiscreen concepts specifically tailored for different devices.”