Published 2021-10-14

Young Schibsted talents amongst the best in the world

Schibsted stands out with two colleagues on the top 30 list of “30 Under 30 Awards”.

Shirine Bauer and Agnes Stenbom. Photo Björn Lindahl Aftonbladet

For the second year in a row, the industry association INMA (International News Media Association) has named the world’s top young talents in the media industry. Two of them come from Sweden and work in Schibsted:

  • Shirine Bauer, Digital Business Developer at Aftonbladet
  • Agnes Stenbom, Responsible Data & AI Specialist at Schibsted Data & Tech.

In the global competition “30 Under 30 Awards”, 30 young men and women from all over the world who have distinguished themselves as “future stars” in our industry are presented.

In addition to being under 30, the jury looks at previous career achievements, insights in terms of innovation and ability to influence, but also what prerequisites each candidate has to become a good leader. 

Both Shirine Bauer and Agnes Stenbom mention the importance of being surrounded by creative people and having an innovative culture in Schibsted.

“Innovation and development is an important part of our DNA – both at Aftonbladet and within Schibsted. With journalism and our users in focus, we constantly dare to test new initiatives to continue to develop our journalism, reach even more users and enable commercial opportunities. In my role, I also have the fortune to work with fantastic colleagues from different parts of Aftonbladet and Schibsted; from editorial and product to sales and other companies within the group,” says Shirine Bauer.

Similarly, Agnes Stenbom mentions, “I think it is very enriching to work within Schibsted Data & Tech, as it is an environment that mixes many different types of perspectives. In my job, I collaborate with people working within law, business, technology and even philosophy. Interdisciplinary work can be challenging, but at the same time, it’s the mix of perspectives that is so rewarding!”

Both are happy and excited about the recognition.

“It feels good that INMA chooses to highlight the issues I represent through my role. In order for the media industry to leverage AI in a sustainable way and enjoy long term benefits, we must put issues such as social consequences and risk awareness high on the agenda,” says Agnes Stenbom.  

About Shirine

Shirine Bauer started at Aftonbladet 2020 as a Digital Business Developer and today runs the strategic and commercial work with online video and podcasts. Shirine has a background from MTG / Nordic Entertainment Group where she started as a trainee and then had the role of Operations and Business Development Manager for Sweden before she was recruited to Aftonbladet. Prior to that, Shirine studied International Business at Copenhagen Business School.

In addition to her current role, Shirine has also been elected a member of the Schibsted Future Advisory Board to provide the Schibsted Management Team with insights and ideas on important topics for the future. Through the program, Shirine has completed the digital Disruptive Strategy course at Harvard Business School, and will this autumn also complete the course Strategy Execution.

About Agnes

Agnes Stenbom started at Schibsted as a management trainee in 2018 and today has a unique role in the group. Her title is Responsible Data & AI Specialist – representing a role that includes both strategic work and academic research for sustainable AI development. Agnes is a doctoral student in industrial economics at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, where she researches how AI can be used responsibly in journalism. She is also a columnist for Dagens Media, a future analyst for the Think Tank Global Challenge, and a regular speaker at both industry and research conferences.

Since 2020, Agnes, together with Olle Zachrison from Swedish Radio, has been running a Nordic industry network for knowledge development in AI and journalism. The network – Nordic AI Journalism – has grown rapidly and today gathers just over 120 people from more than 30 Nordic media organizations for open dialogue about opportunities and challenges in the field.

For more information, please contact:
Shirine Bauer, Digital Business Developer at Aftonbladet.

Agnes Stenbom,  Responsible Data & AI Specialist, Schibsted Data & Tech.