The Schibsted Future Finance Project (2019-2022)

Executive summary
This project was initiated in 2019 to standardise the financial processes in Schibsted. A total of 60 legal entities were in scope and more than 250 people were involved. A major component was to implement one common Global template (processes, system, and governance) across Schibsted. By November 2022, all companies in scope were on-boarded to the new Global template. The project will contribute to both cost reduction and cost avoidance in Finance Operations.


Before this project was initiated in 2019, Schibsted’s accounting teams were organised in two large centres in Norway and Sweden. 

These centres serviced many of our family brands in News Media, Marketplaces and start ups. The financial processes weren’t standard which made working together across locations and businesses challenging.

This project was therefore initiated to enable:  

  • Faster reporting and decision making
  • Better business insights
  • More efficient financial services
  • Agile onboarding of new companies

Learn more about the background for the project in this video.

The scope of the project

The project involved standardising and harmonising the core financial processes in Schibsted. A major component was to implement one common ERP system. 

This entailed setting up a new global template including;

  • One common set of harmonised and automated finance processes.
  • One standardised common financial steering model (chart of accounts and financial master data) supporting flexibility for local business as well as ensuring central functions and group wide definitions.
  • One central governance framework to ensure processes and steering model is kept updated and to a high quality standard.
  • Consolidation of Schibsted’s finance shared services into one organisation 

Based on a pre-study, the project recommended Dynamics 365 (D365) to be rolled out as the new group-wide ERP system in Schibsted. The deployment project started late 2019, and all companies in scope were on-boarded to the new Global template by November 2022. These were simultaneously also onboarded to the new system for accounts payable management, ExFlow.

All legal entities on the legacy systems (UBW in Norway and Navision in Sweden) and handled by the shared service centre were in scope. In total 60 legal entities were in scope.

With one common ERP system, global processes, and a common accounting system, Schibsted finance will be able to meet the expectations of the business areas for process standardisation and financial reporting for functions and business areas across legal entities and geographies.

Project outcome


More than 60 companies were onboarded, including:

Verdens Gang AS AS
Blocket AB
Svenska Dagbladets AB
Aftonbladet Hierta AB
Aftenposten AS
Schibsted Norge AS
Schibsted Sverige AB
Schibsted ASA

* See the complete list at the end of the article.


  • 250+ people were involved 
  • 1500+ people were trained
  • 100+ training sessions
  • 100,000+ working hours from the core project team


  • 22 pre-systems integrated
  • 1800+ test cases performed
  • More than 1 600 data files loaded to D365
  • Migrated and created 9,500 vendors, 14,000 customers, and 2,300 fixed assets

The project team consisted of both internal resources and external consultants, including implementation partners.

In Q1 2021, the two pilot companies were onboarded to the new Global template and D365. The deployment of the other companies occurred in a span of 12 months:

  • 18 companies in April 2022, 
  • 22 companies in August 2022, 
  • 20 companies in November 2022.

Benefit realisation 

With a global template and a common accounting system, the project will contribute to both cost reduction and cost avoidance in Finance Operations. 

The stabilisation and optimisation of our processes (i.e automation) and the more Schibsted grows (i.e number of transactions), the higher the monetary benefits of the new Global template and accounting system will be.

* Companies onboarded to D365

Verdens Gang AS

Schibsted Partnerstudio AS

E24 Norges Viktigste Næringslivsavis AS

Elton Mobility AS

Manus AS

Max Social AS

Maximo AS


Bare Åsane AS

PodMe AS

Aftenposten AS

Askøyværingen AS

Bergens Tidende AS

Bygdanytt AS

Forlaget Strilen AS

A/S Lokalavisene

Schibsted Norge AS

Stavanger Aftenblad AS

Vestnytt AS

Schibsted ASA

Schibsted Production AS

Janaflaten 24 AS

Schibsted Trykk AS

Schibsted Vekst AS

Schibsted Trykk Bergen AS

Schibsted Trykk Oslo AS

Schibsted Godare AB

Matkanalen AS

Schibsted Eiendom AS

Schibsted Tillväxtmedier AB

A Perfect Guide Scandinavia AB

Aftonbladet Hierta AB

HB Svenska Dagbladets AB & Co

Klart Vädertjänster AB

Omnipunktse AB

Schibsted Marketing Services AB

Svenska Dagbladet Holding AB

Svenska Dagbladets AB

Schibsted Tillväxtmedier Annonsförsäljning AB

Schibsted Sverige AB

Schibsted Nova AS

TVNU Sweden AB

Lendo Part of Schibsted AS

Schibsted Norge SMB AS

Compricer AB

Lendo AB

Schibsted Fintech AB

Vinguiden Nordic AB

Schibsted News Media AB

Distribution Innovation AS

Helthjem Mediapost AS

Helthjem Netthandel AS

Morgenlevering AS

Schibsted SMB AB

Schibsted Delivery AS

Schibsted Distribusjon Øst AS

Schibsted Distribusjon Vest AS

Kickback AS

Lendo Topco AS

Schibsted Products & Technology Norway AS

Zoopit AS

Schibsted Enterprise Technology AB

Blocket AB AS

Schibsted Products & Technology AB

Schibsted Nordic Marketplaces AS

Schibsted Denmark Holdco Aps

Schibsted Denmark ApS