Our Privacy Office

Ingvild Næss, privacy officer

In Schibsted we have a Privacy Office with specialised privacy lawyers. In addition we have many Privacy Champions and Data Protection Officers across our affiliated companies. We also have product, UX and tech people dedicated to working on privacy across Schibsted.

Our Privacy Office coordinates the overall privacy work and hosts weekly privacy network meetings to facilitate ongoing efforts. Further, there is a bi-weekly privacy steerco with top management representatives (CPO and CTO) from both our Media and our Marketplace division as well as Chief Privacy Officer Ingvild Næss (top photo).

You have the right to see, correct or delete your own data at any time.
Our customers have the right to find out exactly what data we have stored concerning them, and to ask us to correct or delete data. If you have queries and questions, you are always welcome to contact us at privacy@schibsted.com.