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Your go-to place for quality podcasts

We enrich people's lives through stories

We are passionate about bringing you the best in audio content, welcoming you into the podcast bubble of curated content, including humor, conversations and insight or nerve-wracking stories. Whether it’s for your everyday routine or your well-deserved me time, we are always there for you!

Facts and figures

Our journey started in 2017

Podme was founded in 2017 in Sweden. In 2020, we expanded our operations to Norway, followed by Finland in 2021. Since 2021, Podme proudly joined forces with the Schibsted Media group, marking an exciting new chapter in our journey. We have over
200 000 paying subscribers.

Our app experience

We offer a native app experience giving users an intuitive way of listening to podcasts. Our app has features enabling users to listen when they are relaxing, in action or attempting to do something useful. A high level of customized experience makes our app the go-to place for quality podcasts.

Our love for great podcasts

Our philosophy revolves around delivering an outstanding listening experience. We ensure that Podme offers high-quality production, elevating every moment of audio immersion. Our local content teams are experts in finding and creating powerful stories.

Some of the biggest podcast profiles

At Podme, we are honored to collaborate with prominent cultural voices, shaping the dialogue of our time. Our podcast profiles, such as Nikotellen, Tore & Harald and JLC, cater to a wide audience within humor and entertainment.

75 employees – and still growing

Being a part of Podme means being a part of a talented and passionate group of people with the purpose to enrich people’s daily lives with amazing storytelling. Our biggest teams work within content production, marketing and product and tech, and we are located in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Poland.

Our vision embodies our core belief

Our vision, to enrich people's lives through stories, embodies our core belief in the power of narratives to bring joy, meaning, and connection to individuals. We strive to create effortless and habit-forming audio and product experiences.

Our history

When Podme was created, donations and advertising revenue were the only ways for creators to be compensated for their hard work. While brands were eager to align themselves with well-known personality-driven podcasts, the creators had to operate their podcasts as hobby projects. The outcome was that many creators had to give up, compromise on quality, or release episodes with lengthy gaps in between. Out of this injustice, Podme was born.

Meet some of our people

“Working at Podme is fantastic! It's a dynamic and growing company with a lot of talented people. Our work environment is not only productive but also really fun, making Podme a truly enjoyable place to work.”

Amalie Kongsøre Beck, Visual Content Producer - Norway

“Working for Podme Finland has truly been a life changing experience. Being surrounded by such warm, talented, and visionary people is an absolute joy - especially in a field that is young in our country, and requires fearless innovation and a safe, encouraging environment to find out what works for the local market. The Helsinki branch is a tight knit family, and I'm fairly certain that I'm currently surrounded by the best people I'll ever work with. ”

Amy Burgess, Executive Producer & Talent Manager - Finland

“It's incredible how my co-workers can be so friendly, thoughtful and helpful every single day but also amazing professionals in their work. I feel great pride in being a part of Podme Finland in bringing people the best podcast content. ”

Christos Zavros, Communications & Marketing Manager - Finland

“Podme is filled with truly passionate and dedicated people that never settle for less and I’m so proud of the top quality podcasts that we are producing! It never gets boring at Podme and I have never ever been at a workplace where I get to develop as much as here! ”

Joni Söderström Winter, Executive Producer - Sweden

“Podme is a melting pot of startup innovation within the solid foundation that Schibsted Media offers. It is a dynamic and fast-paced environment yet extremely close-knitted, where we are driven by an obsession to inspire through great storytelling. ”

Liam Warton, UX Lead

“Working at Podme is about making a real impact for listeners, and I feel so empowered to do just that. The environment is high-paced, but the team's support and energy are contagious. It's inspiring to be surrounded by such talented colleagues. ”

Linnea Wessing, Product Manager

“Honestly, I’m excited to go to work every day. I am very proud of the content that we create together, reaching hundreds of thousands of listeners. What I also love is the entrepreneurial culture, welcoming everyone to be a part of Podme’s journey, while challenging the landscape of the podcast industry. ”

Moa Soltanian Magnusson, Head of Inhouse - Sweden

“Podme is a cool place to be! Work is an absolute delight in our driven and inspired team. Every day we deal with lots of fascinating stories, and it brings me deep satisfaction to contribute to the development of a tech platform that shares these stories with people. ”

Olena Primachova, Engineering Manager

“Podme is a dynamic and very creative workplace, filled with some of the most skilled and wonderful people in the podcasting business. I am proud to be a part of a great team that allows me to be innovative and strive to help each other become better every day. ”

Erik Magnusson, Sports Lead - Sweden

“Working in the production team at Podme is an exciting and busy time and no day is like the other! It’s rewarding to work in such an efficient and skilled team that always delivers – and at the same time isn't afraid to joke around and have a laugh. I really enjoy our company culture which shines through everything we do! ”

Johan Kalén, Sound Technician - Sweden

“Working at Podme has been a great experience. The supportive atmosphere and talented colleagues make each day enjoyable. I appreciate the opportunities for growth and camaraderie here. I'm super grateful to be part of the team. ”

Linn Wigen, Social Media Manager - Sweden

“Podme is a great place to work! We get to challenge ourselves everyday with storytelling and journalism to create a better content offering for the listener. Through our close collaboration with the Schibsted News organisation, and our own productions, we get to present top journalistic content and world class entertainment that few can match in the market. It is part of what makes Podme such a fun and energizing place to be a part of!” ”

Mathias Thaulow Lisberg, Head of Content - Norway

“Podme is an incredibly warm and inclusive workplace where the desire to create excellent content and results to be proud of always is in focus. I've never felt such a sense of community in a professional context before – the company is consistently characterized by respect, innovation and curiosity! ”

Paulina de Klerk, Visual Content Editor - Sweden

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