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Sweden’s primary news source

The beating heart of Swedish news

Aftonbladet is the Swedish people’s primary news source which reaches more than 3.5 million daily readers and viewers on mobile and desktop, with online video, sound, and print newspapers. Breaking news and investigative journalism is at the heart of Aftonbladet’s democratic and editorial mission, we also provide a broad range of entertainment, sports, and feature journalism, all to support our mission to “Make Sweden a little better, the world a little more understandable, and life a little easier”.

Facts and figures

Founded in 1830

Aftonbladet was founded 1830 by Lars Johan Hierta. He fought for gender equality, to question authorities, support the public, and short, fast news.

Primary news destination

When asked, a great majority among the audience sees Aftonbladet as their first source of news. This also applies to the young audience.

Best on Sports

With the latest news, the best profiles and most engaging sports content Sportbladet is Sweden’s fifth largest media site, and Sweden’s largest sports site. With its characteristic pink color it's Sweden’s strongest sports brand.

Prize winning journalism

Year after year Aftonbladet journalists are among the top in journalistic awards.

250,000 paying subscribers

Aftonbladet was among the first to launch digital subscriptions 20 years ago, and today it has a quarter of a million paying subscribers.

300 employees

Journalists, business developers, product managers and many more makes Aftonbladet one of Sweden’s most innovative digital news provider.

Our history

December 6. 1830 the very first issue of Aftonbladet was published. Aftonbladet’s legendary reporter Svante Lidén, looked back at the newspaper’s history with great joy – and a little horror, shortly before his passing, in preparation for Aftonbladet’s 190th anniversary.

Meet some of our people

“The best part about working at Aftonbladet is that no idea is too crazy or too small. Creativity flows. Plus, the colleagues are fantastic!”

Nivette Dawod, Reporter

“Before, I used to watch sports. Then I started working with Sweden's sharpest journalists. Now, I understand sports. ”

Kristoffer Bergström, Reporter and columnist Sportbladet

“One of the best things about Aftonbladet is the team spirit. Everyone is always ready to help – with both big and small things. ”

Ebba Thorneus, Reporter

“At Aftonbladet, the best journalists work. They also happen to be very warm, funny, and sometimes a bit quirky people. It's a fantastic combination. ”

Gustav Tronarp, Reporter

“As a foreign correspondent at Aftonbladet, I have the whole world as my workplace. I can't imagine a more exciting and meaningful job. ”

Staffan Lindberg, Foreign Correspondent

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