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Tech empowers journalism

Tech & AI are crucial to support our trusted news brands.

Guardian of journalism

We embrace tech and  AI to support our news brands and our democracies in the best possible way. To be a guardian of journalism we need to be innovative, playful and creative, using new solutions and developing technology – in a responsible way. Schibsted Media’s ambition is to be in the tech frontline – to help create a media landscape that is trustworthy and based on facts.

Products and platforms

We are proud to build the products and platforms that allow our independent journalism to thrive. Our brands all run on stellar technology, and we have always been on the forefront of tech innovation. From initiating Varnish cache almost 20 years ago to leading the field of AI supported journalism today.

User experience

Our users are at the heart of everything we do! We regularly interact with our readers and explore new formats and features to ensure a superior user experience. We also strive to give our internal users, the editorial teams, an optimal experience when they work with the tools we create for them.

Secure trust

It’s crucial that our readers can safely trust that our content is real, unbiased and fairly presented. And it’s crucial to our mission that our sites are up and running when big news are happening. We also focus on cybersecurity and journalistic security – that our editorial staff and their sources are safe.

We are dedicated to responsible use of AI

Integrating AI-tools in the newsrooms also involves ethical discussions and decisions. Schibsted's news brands all have AI policies and Schibsted Media is one of the initiators behind the network AI transparency – an explorative industry collaboration where the participants have agreed on seven recommendations on when and how Swedish media consumers should be informed about the use of AI in editorial media products.

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Applying AI in Schibsted Media

All or newsrooms are using AI to improve their products or to make the journalists' job better or more effective. These are some examples of how.

Video subtitles

Demand for subtitled videos has increased, but the manual ­procedure takes a lot of time. Thanks to a service built by the Aftonbladet TV Operations team, video editors can now upload videos to get automatically generate subtitles.

A buddy who helps you improve your text

The Buddy Reader is an AI tool that reviews your story and suggests improvements on repetitions, provides definitions for complex words, and proposes headlines. It also offers ideas for polls and subscription sales, plus many more options.

A Norwegian-tailored language model

NorwAI and Schibsted have developed NorLLM, a suite of AI models tailored for the Norwegian language, reflecting local values and ensuring ethical data usage. NorGPT-40B, a more advanced model, is also in development. NorLLM will be available for local deployment and further development by Norwegian organizations.

AI-generated summaries

On VG, Aftonbladet and Aftenposten, readers can get short summaries of news articles. This is a feature created by a cross-brand team in Schibsted. The overall click-through rate for young readers, is 27%.

Transforming sound to text

Jojo, an interface and an app where journalists can upload their audio files and turn them ­into texts, are saving hours of works for journalists who now don't need to transcribe their notes.

Listen to articles

Several of Schibsted Media's newspapers offer users to also listen to their texts. Artificial voices, trained on recorded content creates a customized tone of voice.

Stories supported by AI

AI tools have already made an impact on journalism produced by Schibsted's media houses. It has helped E24 to reveal how a Norwegian minister plagarised her essay, Aftonbladet to analyse Riks - a Youtube channel closely connected to the Swedish right wing party Sverigedemokraterna - and much more. Find out more about more cases.

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Meet Audun Ytterdal, Head of operations News Media

Unleashing the potential of AI in news

In the fast-paced digital world, the news media industry stands on the brink of a revolutionary shift. AI will shape the future of journalism and content creation. Ian Vännman from Schibsted Futures Lab predicts several phenomena that will drive the transformation. Read his take on this in the Schibsted Future Report 2024.

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AI is sparking creativity in Schibsted's newsroom

Schibsted’s media companies are setting up their organisations to improve journalism and user experience and to make work more efficient, with the help of AI. All of our news brands have AI responsible people or teams.

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