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Trust is what sets us apart

 Truth and transparency is our currency

Learn about our trust initiatives

Schibsted Media’s unique position is built on trust.  We deliver verifiable and accurate facts in context – that’s a great responsibility, especially in a world where trust and truth is under threat. That’s why we work actively to understand what makes people trust media and how we can improve our methods and be more transparent. On this page you can learn more about our different trust initiatives.  

Four key drivers behind trust

With a major interview study, Schibsted has identified four key drivers of media trust amongst media users in Sweden and Norway. Credibility of process, credibility of content, personal relevance and selectivity was identified as most important. The study also explored how trust impacts the extent of usage and the willingness to pay for content from editor-led media.

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AI transparency – recommendations for media in Sweden

Schibsted Media is one of the initiators behind the network AI transparency. It's an explorative industry collaboration where the participants have agreed on seven recommendations on when and how Swedish media consumers should be informed about the use of AI in editorial media products.

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Agnes Stenbom head of trust initiatives

Agnes Stenbom has been assigned to lead initiatives centered around the identified trust drivers in Schibsted Media. With a background working with artificial intelligence and inclusion in and beyond Schibsted, she will work closely with newsroom representatives to facilitate an exchange of learnings and identify initiatives for collaboration. Agnes is also head of In/Lab – Schibsted and Tinius Trust initative to prototype news futures for current news outsiders.


Why trust is crucial

“As a news outlet, trust is the foundation on which we build our position as a reliable and unbiased source. With it, we grant people the power to stay informed in this fast-paced world where misinformation can spread like wildfire. Without it, we quickly fade into irrelevance.”

Nathalie Mark, Future Editor at Aftonbladet

“Trust can never be taken for granted. It must be earned and preserved by adhering to the highest journalistic standards in our work every day. That’s what we strive for at Aftenposten.”

Morten Andersen, Chief of Staff at Aftenposten

“Building trust requires that we listen to diverse perspectives and actively engage with young people – the future news consumers – whose insights are vital for keeping journalism relevant. By doing so, we can foster a more inclusive and dynamic future for journalism.”

Belenn Bekele, Program Manager at IN/LAB