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Who we are

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Our overarching strategy and identity

To define what Schibsted is and should aim to be we have an overall strategy and identity. This defines what set us apart as a company, why we exist, what purpose we are pursuing and what will make us successful long-term. In short: what kind of company should Schibsted be in the hearts and minds of our stakeholders.

We are a family of digital brands

While the media heritage is long-standing and strong in the Schibsted family, the media category alone can no longer contain the diversity of its brands and businesses. Nor can media describe the various areas Schibsted is exploring for future business opportunities. The idea behind growing a diverse family of brands is rooted in a firm belief that a portfolio of strong brands is the best way for Schibsted to create value by pursuing a multitude of opportunities.

We empower people in their daily lives

Our mission directs our efforts in serving each customer and society as a whole, and each of Schibsted’s brands and businesses contributes in it’s own way. When asking if a business idea, a start-up or a bold move is right for Schibsted, the question should be whether it helps us in forwarding our mission. This reason for being is as relevant today as it ever was, perhaps more so.

We strive to uphold a society built on trust and transparency

Our vision springs from a legacy that we have the privilege and responsibility to carry forward. The needs of today are different than those of the past. Every generation of Schibsted employees takes pride in how new businesses are continually being built and the world is changed for the better because Schibsted is in it. Our watch is now.

A fearless force for change

Schibsted’s history is characterised by a series of profound changes. No wonder then perhaps that being a fearless force for change has become so fundamental to the Schibsted character. It is part skill and part attitude, and guides us when we find ourselves at a crossroads. This is how we drive the change towards better things.

This is who we are, put together as one story

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Our uniting principles

We take leading positions. We have a growth mindset heritage and aim for market leadership in the geographies and categories we are in, with a wide portfolio of products and services. In line with Schibsted’s legacy, our moves are some times incremental, some times monumental, and always bold.

We create exceptional user value by sharing data and capabilities. We do not operate in separate silos, or transaction by transaction. Data, technologies and capabilities are shared generously, and responsibly, across the Schibsted family to provide exceptional value to consumers who love us in return and show it.

We champion a responsible internet. Whether we are talking web, AI or IoT or whatever comes next, we deserve people’s trust by setting the standard for transparency and respect for privacy. We will fearlessly advocate for responsibility wherever decisions about doing business on the internet are made.

We are more than the sum of our parts. Schibsted’s family of strong independent brands is united by a shared mission, a brave culture, a generous mindset, and a set of shared capabilities. Taking advantage of the systemic interconnections between us, our joint capacity for creating and capturing consumer value is unparalleled.

We think big and long term. We grow winning Nordic concepts. When Schibsted spots an opportunity for its products or services to empower people’s daily lives beyond the Nordics we are opportunistically global, nimbly pursuing whichever route shows the greatest promise. We think long term, but act here and now.

We know the power of local. Schibsted disrupts and innovates in areas where local services have an advantage over global. We will continue to hone this unique capability for turning deep understanding of people and places into successful services.

We are accountable. We lead by our PACE principles and in accordance with our Code of Conduct. Our practices should stand up to the same kind of scrutiny we subject others to.

We are entrepreneurial. We continue to connect previously unconnected products, ideas, people and technologies in new and innovative ways to create value for users and as enablers of services inside and outside of Schibsted.

Our content style guide

Schibsted personality is a confident pioneer who inspires you and makes you feel like you can do anything. To express this personality we have some clear voice and tone guidelines.

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A presentation about Schibsted

In the Schibsted brand presentation you'll find the most useful facts about our history and our family of digital brands. We update it on a regular basis, so make sure you use the latest version from our template gallery.

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From a printing shop to a family of digital brands

Learn more about our history

Schibsted Publishing House established

1839 is considered to be the year in which Schibsted Forlag was formally established. Schibsted becomes sole proprietor of the printing house in 1843. Read more

Aftenposten is founded

Christian Schibsted founded the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, then called Adresseavisen. When Christian dies in 1879, his son Amandus takes over management and turns Aftenposten into a modern newspaper.

Exclusivity of the story on Amundsen’s South Pole success

Aftenposten gives heavy coverage to research work done on the Arctic and Antarctic over several years. Read more

Schibsted acquires Verdens Gang

The first edition of VG, which had been established by members of the post-war resistance movement, sees the light of day on 23 June 1945. Read more

Schibsted Listed on Oslo Stock Exchange

The company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange 15th of July, with Tinius Nagell-Erichsen as the company’s board chair and VG Director Kjell Aamot as CEO. The closing price on the first day of trading is NOK 145. Read more

The first investments in the internet and new media

1995 marks the year when Schibsted in many ways made the transition from a newspaper organization to a fully-fledged media corporation. Read more

Schibsted acquires Aftonbladet

Schibsted acquires 49.9 percent of Aftonbladet, founded in 1830, from the Swedish Trade Union Confederation. Read more

Schibsted acquires Svenska Dagbladet

In July Schibsted acquires 73.6 percent of the share in Svenska Dagbladet (SvD), one of Sweden's leading national quality newspapers. Read more

Finn.no launched

FINN.no is established in October and soon gains a foothold as the leading online classified site in Norway. The company is owned by Aftenposten, Bergens Tidende, Adresseavisen, Stavanger Aftenblad and Fædrelandsvennen.

Schibsted acquires Blocket

The acquisition of Blocket.se, Sweden’s biggest buyers’ and sellers’ marketplace, makes Aftonbladet the market leader in online classified advertising. Read more

Large owners in Swedish TV4

Schibsted acquires a large ownership share in TV 4 by increasing its ownership interest to 20.1 percent. Its ownership interest was subsequently further increased.

Schibsted’s european ambitions

Schibsted takes over the European and Latin American parts of Trader Classified Media,  consisting of online classifieds services for cars, real estate, recruitment and private possessions. Read more

The authorities give the go-ahead to establish Media Norge

After a long process, the Appeals Board for Media Ownership, overturns the Norwegian Media Authority’s decision to prohibit the formation of Media Norge. Read more

Schibsted refines the group’s strategy and business portfolio

Schibsted pulls out of film and TV production. Among the largest companies and assets that are sold is Metronome Film & Television. Read more

Investment in media houses and the online classified business

Schibsted takes over full control of the French online classifieds giant Leboncoin.fr, which is valued at EUR 400 million. Leboncoin.fr is Europe’s third-largest online classified site. Read more

Joining forces to develop Classifieds

SnT Classifieds is established- A joint venture between Schibsted, Telenor and Singapore Press Holdings. Schibsted Media Group, Telenor and Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) are teaming up to create two joint ventures in online classifieds. Read more

Schibsted acquires Milanunscious and Avito

Schibsted completed the acquisition of Milanuncios.com, one of the top generalist online classifieds companies in Spain. And also Avito in Morocco. Read more

Schibsted strengthens its position in Latin America

Schibsted strengthens its position in the rapidly growing Brazilian online classifieds site OLX.com.br by increasing the ownership from 25 to 50 percent. Read more

Adevinta is listed on Oslo Børs

On April 10 2019, Schibsted's former international Marketplaces was listed as a separate company – Adevinta – at Oslo Børs. Read more

Schibsted launches a new identity

New logotype, symbol, color palette and brand pattern ”Schibsted has always been a forward-looking company with a spirit to keep evolving and to make a difference in people’s lives. Now it’s time to change the way we look; to get a modern look for a modern company,” says CEO Kristin Skogen Lund.   Read more

Schibsted acquires eBay Classifieds in Denmark

Related to Adevinta's acquisition of eBay Classifieds Group, Schibsted acquired eBay online classifieds businesses DBA.dk and Bilbasen.dk in Denmark.   Read more

Schibsted sells news media operations to Tinius Trust

Schibsted ASA sells its news media operations to its largest shareholder, the Tinius Trust through Blommenholm Industrier AS, separating the company into two more focused companies: a media company fully owned by the Trust and a publicly listed marketplaces company.