How are Schibsted’s dividend payments decided? The dividend payments are decided by the Annual General Meeting on the basis of a proposal made by the Board of Directors. You can read more about the dividend policy here.
What is Schibsted’s dividend policy? You can read about the dividend policy here.
When do I have to register as a shareholder in order to be entitled to a dividend payout? To be entitled to receive a dividend payout, you must be registered as shareholder on the date on which the dividend is decided, i.e. the date of the Annual General Meeting.
When are dividends paid out? The dividends are paid out a few days after the Annual General Meeting. You can find the exact date for the next dividend payout here.
How do I obtain information regarding dividend payouts in previous years? An overview of dividend payouts in previous years is available here.
Can I reinvest my dividends in new Schibsted shares? Schibsted does not have a dividend reinvestment plan. Contact your bank or stockbroker to acquire shares.
How do I find the RISK amount? The RISK amount can be found at the Norwegian Tax Administration’s website.
How can I find the deductible interest rate? You can find the deductible interest rate at theNorwegian Tax Administration websites.