Published 2014-03-20

FINN opens a store

From 20 March, people can visit FINN for real, not just online, because on its 14th birthday FINN is opening a physical store in Grensen, Oslo.

According to FINN, the concept, which has been named ‘En slags butikk’ (A kind of store), is a combination of experience center, museum, and flea market.

“It does sound like a rather odd development; I don’t know of many other online stores that have opened their own physical store,” says Janne Jacobsen, Marketing Director.

“For fourteen years now, people have been using FINN to find everything from a new sofa to a new job. Now we want to invite our users to visit us. We think it’s a fun way of showcasing our services,” says Jacobsen.


Each service has its own section

The building that once housed DnB bank has now been transformed into a mix of FINN’s various services: Jobs, Travel, Services, Auto, Buy and Sell, and Small Jobs, each with their own section in the 500-square-meter store. FINN’s office, now the workplace of 400 people, is located close by.

Jacobsen can reveal that there will be a lot to see.

Practical and fun

“A ‘new life’ machine and around fifty bridal gowns are just two examples. We’ve also created a museum section where you can see how Norwegian homes have changed over the years. It’s all a combination of practical things and fun things. You can also get help with everyday things like finding a skilled tradesperson or booking a trip,” says Jacobsen.

Most of the items from the Buy and Sell section on display can be bought, though for practical reasons the principle used for art exhibitions will apply, which means that customers must wait a few days before collecting their purchases.

May be expanded

‘En slags butikk’ is located at Grensen 3 and is initially planned to run for the rest of this year. After that, the concept may be expanded to other places around the country, according to Jacobsen. Business hours are weekdays between 10.00 and 18.00 and Saturdays between 10.00 and 16.00. Most of the store assistants are actually employees of PS:hotell, FINN’s cooperating partner during the period.