Published 2014-06-25

Knowledge beyond borders

The classifieds team in Malaysia is getting first-hand sales insights from their Schibsted Media Group colleague Steinar Tyssedal in

For a week every month the classifieds team from in Malaysia receives sales training from Schibsted Media Group colleague Steinar Tyssedal, manager in’s small/medium enterprise department.

The training runs over a period of four months and is a very good example of how companies within the Schibsted Media Group can share knowledge and push on for further innovations in the group.

During Steinar’s last visit to Malaysia the focus was on implementing the classified sales process. This is a process that helps sales persons in all the different stages of a sale. From finding potential new customers to closing and follow-up on campaigns. To learn, adapt and follow the process is essential in sales and extremely important for the company as well.

“We have gained lots of valuable insight on key topics such as the Sales Process, Sales Techniques, Best Practices of The Schibsted Way of Sales and Identifying Our Core Values among others. The team has truly learned and enjoyed the training and we are looking forward to start implementing some of the processes in our daily sales,” says Bernard Lee, Head of Classified Sales in

Segmented customer strategies

Two years ago went through a large customer segmentation project, and as result a new department handling small customers was created. Now Tyssedal is using his knowledge gained in this project to help in Malaysia, both to create a specific sales process and a customer strategy within each of the segments in the portfolio.

“It’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with on this important subject. I would like to thank the management at for investing money in activities that increase the sales competence and structure,” says Steinar Tyssedal.

On the agenda for June is how to gain more insights when working with customer segmentation.

“It will be three days filled with both workshops within small group and lectures by me. This work will conclude in individual customer action plans and a strategy to increase the average spending in each customer segment. It’s a pleasure to work with the great sales people at,” he says.