Published 2015-08-07

Launching green website

Regional media houses BT and Stavanger Aftenblad are launching a website on environmental issues and renewable energy in Norway.

“Environmental issues are the most important cause of our times and BT has published excellent articles on the subject in the past years. Together with Stavanger Aftenblad we are now launching Sysla Grønn (“green”) on to strengthen the commitment,” says Gard Steiro, Editor-in-Chief at Bergens Tidende (BT). covers the key coastline industries in the west of Norway.

Sysla Grønn ( will particularly focus on businesses engaging in renewable energy and energy efficiency. The changes happening in international energy production have a great impact on companies both along the west coast of Norway and at an international level.

“The decline in the oil industry has hit Norway hard, particularly in the western part of the country where most of the oil industry is situated. However, we do have the possibility to establish a new industrial adventure related to renewable energy, drawing on knowhow and competence from the petroleum sector,” continues Steiro.

Knowledge portal

Steiro emphasizes that Sysla Grønn will not be a site for campaign journalism in the field of issues related to climate and renewable energy.

“Sysla Grønn” will carry out news reporting on the green industries. Along with Stavanger Aftenblad we have strengthened the Sysla news room in order to implement this initiative,” says Steiro.

Sysla Grønn will also have a section where readers can download content from external knowledge bases on climate and energy.