Published 2015-01-23

Let’s deal’s Culture Book

In Let’s deal all the employees contribute to the annual Culture Book with texts, images and memories of all the great things they do together.

‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’ is a famous business saying. Schibsted Media Group has embraced company cultures that make individuals thrive and Let’s deal, Schibsted’s subsidiary in Sweden and Norway, has taken the idea to heart. The company aims to make ideas and creativity part of a daily routine.

One of the projects that Let’s deal has initiated, is the making of a Culture Book. The employees have contributed with a written account of how they experience work life at Let’s deal, illustrated with photos, quotes and memories from the last year. All the content has been created by the employees.

Creates a sense of belonging and involvement

Ingri Jacobsen, copywriter and designer at Let’s deal Norway, was one of the driving forces in creating the book for the Norwegian employees.

“The Culture Book is a yearly reminder of the Let’s deal life. It evokes fond memories and gives us a sense of belonging and involvement, both professionally and culturally,” she says.

In addition to the Culture Book, Jacobsen has volunteered to put together several videos documenting everyday life, fun events, important work and travels in Let’s deal. She uses a combination of photos, video snippets and music to produce video collages, much to the enjoyment of the rest of the team. Showing the videos at kick-offs, jubilees and office parties has become a treasured tradition and a fantastic tool to help strengthen the company culture.

“Let’s deal has a really special culture. We’re colleagues, good friends, family – in short; we are very fond of each other. We spend a lot of time together, and by documenting it we can remember all that we’ve achieved, the fun we’ve had and the great culture that makes Let’s deal so special,” she explains.

As a young company it is important for us is to plant seeds that will turn into a great company culture.

“This is both a pleasure and a valuable investment, which allow us to attract and retain great people, and their flow of energy and creativity is in turn what keeps our product growing. I truly believe that you cannot have one without the other,” says Alexander Hars, CEO in Let’s deal Sweden.

“Leaders can set up the framework and be careful to maintain it; however, it’s a thrill to see how employees make it come to life and add to it in ways you never could have planned for yourself,” he says.