Published 2015-08-25

Schibsted Women in Tech

More than 130 Schibsted people gathered to lean in and learn more about why women in tech is a business case.

It’s not a secret that the technology industry is highly male dominated. Women account for less than 20 percent of leading tech positions at the majority of tech companies – and the numbers don’t look brighter in Schibsted Media Group. We need to keep pushing this topic in order to increase the female leader ratio and bring more of our female tech stars into the spotlight.

On Wednesday 10 June more than 130 people – mostly women – were present at Schibsted’s headquarters in Oslo to discuss and learn about how we can encourage more women, also in Schibsted Media Group – to take on tech roles. The seminar served as an eye-opener for many of us whose jobs are actually much more tech oriented than what we have thought so far.

“We are currently hiring a lot of tech people, and Schibsted is putting a lot of emphasis on reaching out to the tech women out there. We want the people who develop our products to be representative of those using them,” said Frode Eilertsen, EVP Digital and Group Chief Product Officer in Schibsted Media Group.

“More than being a trained technologist, being passionate and curious about what you do is key. Don’t be intimidated by this ‘tech’ thing,” Eilertsen said.

The organizers

The Women in Tech event was organized by Head of Niche Sites Camilla Bjørn in VG, Digital Communications Specialist Louise fuchs in Schibsted Media Group and trainee Isabelle Ringnes in Schibsted Media Group.