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Sweden’s largest comparison service for personal finance

Since 2005, Compricer has been helping thousands of consumers every day to save money by comparing and changing suppliers in, for example, insurance, electricity and loans.  The service is free for consumers. 

We believe that no one should pay too much unnecessarily, and Compricer’s vision is to help all households become a little richer by reducing the cost of ordinary tedious expenses. 

Our main products and services:

Mortgage – Bolån

Everyone deserves a better interest rate. We can help if you want to compare, move or apply for a new loan to find the best possible mortgage. On average, our users save SEK 6,000 a year and the service is completely free to use. We also offer personal help all the way.

Car insurance – Bilförsäkring

Save money and avoid hassle – compare and change to the right car insurance at the right price with us. We can help if want to change, move or get new car insurance to find the right insurance at the right price, free of charge. We can also offer personal advice free of charge. 

Electricity – El

Why pay too much for your electricity? At Compricer you can compare electricity companies and find the lowest possible price for you. Of course, you can choose environmentally friendly electricity if you want. We also offer personal advice free of charge. 

Borrow money – Låna pengar

Are you considering borrowing money and want to be sure that you get a good loan with as low an interest rate as possible? Then we can help you. Every day, we help thousands of Swedes find good loans. We can help if you want a new loan or renegotiate and move an existing loan.

Savings rates – Sparräntor

At Compricer, you can get a good overview of both savings accounts and savings rates. You can easily compare Sweden’s banks and credit institutions and what they have to offer. No matter what you are saving for, we will help you find the alternatives that suit you best.

Meet our leaders and experts:

Fredrik Persson

Christina Sahlberg

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