Power is shifting from companies to consumers

We believe in using new technology and investing in innovative solutions. During the last ten years, Schibsted has constantly and methodically searched for and nourished start-up companies and promising entrepreneurs.

The goal is to find digital ideas that solve everyday problems in a new way. Being a consumer-centric company, we are proud to open up marketplaces and offer services that transfer power to our users.

With Lendo, Compricer, Penger, Kundkraft and Prisjakt, consumers are empowered to make informed decisions – forcing companies to do their best. Whether you need to take out a loan or buy a car – the terms have changed with digital services where people make better deals. You might even call it a democratic movement where those who want to be competitive have to adapt and develop to serve the customer. Terms, price, quality – it’s all out there to be scrutinized. Trade has thereby been democratized.

Digitally empowered consumers

There is a shift in power going on, from companies to consumers. Digital services enable people to compare offers and prices in a simple way, in a range of markets. This has dramatically increased price transparency in several markets. Together with the users, sites like Lendo, Compricer, Penger, Kundkraft and Prisjakt have changed the rules.

Lendo is the leading marketplace for consumer loans in Sweden and Norway and has recently expanded to Finland. The customers can obtain loan offers from multiple banks simultaneously and then choose the one that suits them best. The service is free of charge for customers and is paid for by the partner banks.

Compricer and Penger.no help their users to find better deals for their personal finance by allowing them to compare the price of several services. The sites enable users to save both time and money by comparing prices and terms of loans, insurances, savings accounts, broadband and mobile telephony – to mention some.

Prisjakt is one of Sweden’s largest information and comparison sites. Prisjakt helps consumers to find the right product at the lowest price across several categories ranging from bicycle helmets to surround systems.

Kundkraft allows its users to obtain low electricity prices in a simple way. Kundkraft.se makes sure that its members’ contracts are automatically renegotiated so they always know they have the best possible electricity price.

At Schibsted we speak of digitally empowered consumers. This is what we mean. Our digital services are tools that enable users to make informed decisions that affect their personal finances and help them take control of some of all the choices they have to make in everyday life.

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