Discover Hypoteket

For a simple and flexible mortgage

Hypoteket is a fintech company on the Swedish mortgage market offering mortgages with competitive interest rates that never need to be negotiated. The service has already attracted thousands of customers and can prove a best in class experience. Our vision is to democratize the mortgage market with transparent pricing and deliver a best in class user experience.

Our main products and services:

Move your mortgage – Flytta bolån

Move your mortgage to Hypoteket through a smooth and easy process and get the markets lowest interest rates that never needs to be negotiated. Apply from your device of choice and please reach out to our customer service if needed.

New mortgage – Nytt bolån

Buying a new home is one of life’s largest decisions, with Hypotektet’s mortgage you’ll get a mortgage that never needs to be negotiated and interest rates that always will be competitive.

Interest rates – Bolåneräntor

Hypoteket always offers competitive interest rates that never needs to be negotiated. The rates are always transparent and no other commitment from customers is needed except for the mortgage.

Meet our leaders and experts:

Carl-Johan Nordquist
CEO Hypoteket Mortgage
Dag Wardaeus
CEO Hypoteket Funds
Sharon Lavie
Savings Economist

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