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Lendo is a fintech company that helps customers protect their credit rating while comparing loan offers with several lenders. Lendo offers a free, online service that helps customers find their best possible loan offers in line with personal prerequisites. Our goal is to work for transparency on the loan market – thus creating an advantage for customers.

Our main products and services:

Unsecured loans – Blancolån

Lendo offers customers the opportunity to apply for unsecured loans from 10,000 – 600,000 SEK. With just one application and one credit report that lenders can share, customers can compare over 30 different loan offers. An application takes just 1 minute and the first offers typically arrive within a minute and are valid for 30 days. 

Business loans – Företagslån 

Business owners can compare business loans up to 3,000,000 SEK at Lendo with an online application that takes just one minute to complete. The application is completely processed within 24 hours and the user can take the time to compare offers for 30 days.

Debt consolidation – Samla lån

Apply to consolidate credit card debt or other outstanding credits by applying for an unsecured loan to cover all the smaller debts with higher interest rates. By consolidating the debt through Lendo, users can lower their monthly payments and interest rates and increase their savings instead.

Personal loans – Privatlån

Since banks and lenders have different terms and demands it makes sense for Lendo users to compare personal loans to make sure they don’t pay too much in interest rates. By using Lendo to compare a customer can get over 4030 personal loan/private loan offers with minimal impact on their credit rating.

Car loans – Billån

By applying for the car loan through Lendo, a user can choose to borrow the whole car loan amount, no down payment needed since the loan is an unsecured loan. Lendo offers unsecured car loans up to 600 000 SEK – it takes 1 minute to apply and the first offers come within minutes. Applications on Lendo are always free of charge.

Mortgage loans – Bolån

In 2022 Lendo Sweden launched the new product; mortgage loans where users can apply for and compare mortgage loans and offers online. As with the other loans through Lendo, the service is free of charge and the application process is done online.

Meet our leader and expert:

Sharon Lavie
Savings Economist

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