Power of Journalism 2021

Journalism is at the core of our purpose. To shed light on the role and impact it has in our society and for our democracy, we arrange The Power of Journalism annually, together with our primary owners Tinius Trust. We have all been through a different year however the journalism that has come out of it has been extraordinary. Below you can enjoy the content from the 2021 digital event.


Corona made an impact on the coverage
Through the past year covid-19 has taken a toll on society.  In this video you can hear about journalism that has made a difference – published in VG, Aftonbladet, SvD and Aftenposten 2020. The Corona special from VG and Aftonbladets Corona live tracker has been the go-to place for statistics and rules for everyone in Norway and Sweden to keep track of the development of contamination situations in each country. From SvD you will hear about Petris’ battle in “En månad på intensiven” and you can enjoy Aftenposten’s unique case about the text messages that opened the border.  Aleksandra Sobczak from the polish newspaper Gazetta Wyborcza, speaks about the situations in Poland, the troubling state of democracy and women’s rights. And last but not least, Jim Acosta from CNN, will take us through the aftermath of the Trump presidency and the way forward for the United States of America.


Focus on the young generation
In this video we will take a deep dive into three different cases from VG, Aftonbladet and Aftenposten. From VG we will hear from Maren Olava Ask Hütt how VG has included young minorities and given them a voice  in the project “25 under 25 – Minoritetstemmene”. Gustav Hölmstrom from Aftonbladet explains  how the paper managed to grasp the attention of the young generation through a test project that turned out to be a great success with 500 000 subscribers. You will also get insights to the stories about nine young people that took their own lives. The team from Aftenposten will give a unique presentation on how they went about when writing the story; “Ni historier; de rakk aldri å bli voksne”.


Engaging societal stories
Equinor search for oil in Angola was interlinked with a social investment in building a major research facility. But despite the millions invested in the facility there are no signs of the project. This story is a cooperation between E24 and Stavanger Aftenblad and Ola Myrseth, Anders Fjellberg and Eirik Billingsø Elvevold will reveal  insights from their work. You will also meet Elsa Westerstad and Magnus Hjalmarson Neideman in Svenska Dagbladet presenting Stina Oscarson’s project “Den tysta minoriteten”. A series of stories about Swedish people living in poverty. Ingvild Nave, Bjørn Erik Larsen and Phillipp Bock from Bergens Tidene will also tell you about a case that has created a lot of engagement in Bergen and surrounding areas – they have looked into the dangers of commuting by bicycle in the city. 


Get behind the scenes of an Oscar nominated documentary
Since spring of 2020 E24’s Sofie Amalie Hoff Fraser and  Jonas Alsaker Vikan have looked into how three women in their seventies have been victims of  exploitation through future authorizations, in “Millionfullmaktene”. They share  insights from an extraordinary story that shows weaknesses in the justice system when it should protect our citizens. Oisin Cantwell, Åsa Linderborg and Magnus Wennmann present stories from across Sweden in Aftonbladet’s “Vintersaga – En berättelse om Sverige”, where they have travelled through Sweden, inspired by Ted Ström’s classical tune, with the same name. You will also be invited behind the scenes of the Oscar nominated documentary by VG’s Benjamin Olafsen Ree; “The Painter and the thief”.