Discover Servicefinder

Servicefinder is an online marketplace and a tool for service providers and consumers needing their help. Our service makes it easy for consumers to find, evaluate and hire companies within a wide range of service categories, such as home improvement, cleaning, transportation and many more.

The service is entirely free for consumers. You can leave a request for quotation, describing your needs and expect answers from several service providers, often the same day.

Servicefinder offers an online platform and matching system that helps consumers ask, compare and choose the best companies and in turn makes finding customers and project management easier for the companies.

Included you’ll find an integrated chat and messaging service, a tool for quotations, ranking and review system and several other tools that make hiring handymen, cleaning services etc a smooth and safe experience.​

Craftsmen – hantverkare

The most popular and sought after service is various types of craftsmen or handymen. Top categories include – in Swedish – hantverkare, målare, elektriker, rörmokare och VVS-montörer. Also, larger projects with keywords like totalentreprenad, badrumsrenovering, nybyggnation etc are very popular and generally give the consumers many offers to choose from.

Cleaning help – städhjälp

The second-largest category is cleaning services of various kinds, with top categories including hemstädning, flyttstädning and kontorsstädning. With a very high average review score for our member companies, Servicefinder is a reliable supplier of cleaning services – whether it’s a one-off occasion or recurring cleaning.​

Transportation and moving – flytthjälp

A common request is to help move house, but we receive a wide range of requests for moving stuff – not just domestically. We’ve helped transport everything from pianos to entire buildings with the most popular transportation categories being flytthjälp and kontorsflytt.

Sign up as a contractor with Servicefinder

Companies wishing to provide their services with Servicefinder can visit the page hitta kunder, where we’ll tell you more about our services, and offer you to sign up for a sneak preview of our platform. You’ll be surprised at the number of customers you will be able to contact at a very reasonable price.

Servicefinder is a brand within Schibsted SMB AB.